TOP 5 low-carb diets for fast weight loss

Diets based on reduced carbohydrate intake produce the most noticeable results. But trying one or the other, you may notice a deterioration in health or lack of progress. This rating will help you decide which of the low-carb diets is more suitable for you.


The usual low-carb diet

This diet is based on a small number of carbohydrates and a large amount of protein. That is, the basis of your diet should be meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. How many carbohydrates you need to consume per day depends on the purpose of the diet. For example, to maintain weight with moderate sports training – up to 150 grams. But for weight loss – no more than 100. For rapid weight loss – 50 grams, while excluding fruits and starchy vegetables, such as potatoes.


Ketone Diet

This diet causes a special state of the body, quite dangerous if you have some chronic diseases related to digestion or metabolism. Low carbs cause ketosis – reduced insulin and the release of fatty acids from your body’s fat stores. These acids are carried to the liver, which converts fats into ketone bodies. And if your brain used to “feed” on carbohydrates, it begins to consume energy from these released ketone bodies. The entire diet consists of proteins, a reduced amount of fat, and carbohydrates – up to 30-50 grams per day on this diet.

A high-fat diet

In this diet, preference is given to foods of normal fat content, but the fats entering the body should be of plant origin. So, the basis of the diet should be whole foods, unprocessed. The number of carbohydrates can not exceed 100 grams per day, preferably in the range of 20-50.

Paleo diet


The diet of the paleo diet is about the food that people consumed before the development of the industry. These are meat, fish, seafood, eggs, fruits and vegetables, nuts, tubers, and seeds. On this diet, foods extracted from the “originals” and subjected to any processing, such as sugar, are prohibited. As well as legumes, cereals, and dairy foods.

The Atkins Diet

This low-carb diet goes through several stages and limits the consumption of berries and fruits as a source of sugar.


Stage 1-induction: 20 grams of carbohydrates, the rest-protein, and non-starchy vegetables. The duration of the stage is 2 weeks.

Stage 2-stable weight loss, carbohydrates are added weekly by 5 grams to the previous diet. The stage ends after the loss of 3-5 kg of weight.

Stage 3-stabilization, where you can increase the number of carbohydrates by 10 grams every week.


Stage 4-maintenance, on it you will almost return to the previous diet, slightly modified in favor of healthy carbohydrates.

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