Frogs and frog worlds of unreal beauty

If frogs were our height, they would easily jump over buildings and avenues 🙂 We would like to present you a selection of photographs of frog worlds, these actually amazing creatures that turn out to be not as cold and slimy as it might seem 🙂 It is hard to believe that beauty The world arose simply from the explosion of something out of nothing)) All signs of the presence of the Creator 🙂 Red-eyed tree frog Marcus Lim Red-eyed tree frog Angi Nelson Horned frog Diablo Mako Chaka phyllomedusa Angi Nelson Harlequin frog Dark Raptor My Living Photography Terrible leaf climber AimishBoy Snic320 Arcynum Goliath from Cameroon Hilde Van Hove Yoshiaki Oikawa Lestath_X Angi Nelson Fnq Yoshi Oikawa Marcus Lim Angi Nelson Angi Nelson Horned Frog Macro Junkie Bela Benedek Andrew Hosking Fantastic Fennec Angi Nelson Angi Nelson Angi Nelson based on materials    

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