How to diversify dishes from root vegetables

It is considered correct to follow the “local diet”, that is, to eat what grows in your lane. But in winter, this means that you have to eat root vegetables. Turnips, potatoes, carrots are wonderful, but rather boring. Here are four simple tips to make root vegetable dishes more interesting.

Mashed root vegetables are a winter staple for vegetarians. You can make it more tasty and nutritious by adding complex proteins. A good combination would be mashed potatoes and walnuts, mashed turnips with raw sunflower seeds.

Winter is a great time to try Indian cuisine. The spices are warming and also provide health benefits such as improved immunity and circulation. We recommend trying vegetarian Indian dishes – sweet potato curry, coconut and parsnip curry, carrot chips or french fries.

The easiest way to make something unusual is to stuff something with root vegetables. It can be stuffed peppers or vegetarian cabbage rolls. Usually stuffed peppers are made with rice, but it can be replaced with any root vegetable rich in starch. Try cabbage rolls with turnip puree and black beans, peppers stuffed with corn, potatoes and red beans, portabella mushrooms stuffed with spinach and your favorite root vegetable, zucchini with carrots inside.

Sluggish root vegetables are great for preparing sweet dishes. For example, in Germany they make sausages from potatoes and apples. Show your imagination and get a delicious winter dish!

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