The programmable caterpillar, a toy for learning to code

A caterpillar to teach children to code!

The concept of cause and effect

The programmable track, from Fisher Price, consists ofa drive head and 8 segments each having a function: go straight ahead, turn left, turn right or music. The child associate them in the order he wishes then turn on the caterpillar to see what he has programmed to come true. 

As soon as a segment is activated, it lights up to show the logic of action of the toy.

The “Test and Learn” method

For more strategic game mode, the child places one or two of the targets present in the starter pack on the ground. Then the mission is toassemble the track segments so that she can reach them. a step-by-step game, allowing experimentation and problem solving in an autonomous way.

The programmable track has received the Toy Grand Prize 2016. It offers the youngest a new playing area, where there is no longer necessarily a single way of doing things, but multiple assembly possibilities to explore. Maybe the opportunity to create like this new vocations to become an entrepreneur later?

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 From 3 years old. € 54,90

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