Benefits of Vegetarianism. The story of a vegetarian with 30 years of experience

Eat a variety of simple foods on time and in the amount needed to maintain your ideal weight! D A Schafenberg MD, M.Sc.

“Your teeth will fall out pretty soon, and maybe even your hair!” The neighbor’s boy’s eyes widened at the sensational thought as he stared at me while slicing at a leg of fried chicken. I shrugged my shoulders and pretended not to pay any attention to him, continued to swing on the swing. “Hey, you know? he continued, “I could bring you meat at night!” Your parents won’t know about it. What do you think about it?!” He really was seriously concerned about this, but this concern only made me nervous. “No, everything is okay. I don’t want any meat! I can do everything without him, just like you!” And with these words, I jumped off the swing and ran home to my mother to find out if all my teeth were really going to fall out. All this happened about 30 years ago, and now I, Michaelin Bauer, am pleased to tell you that my teeth and hair are still in place. I have two healthy children who, like their mother, have been following a dairy-vegetarian diet since birth. So when they askIs vegetarian food reasonable? Is she safe?“- my answer is firm”Yes» to both questions. This is evidenced not only by my own experience, there is a lot of evidence for this – both reflected in the Bible and obtained as a result of scientific research. Consider at least two of the many benefits: financial and those that lead to reduced health risks. financial advantage. There is rampant inflation in our country, which forces all of us to keep track of our spending. Replacing a meat-based diet with a vegetarian one can save a lot of money while eating healthier foods. Instead of buying a single chicken, wouldn’t it be better to buy a kilo of beans that cost four times less? In addition, this amount of beans is enough for more meals. Let’s look at these costs from another angle. There are calculations from which it follows that more than 0,5 kg of grain is needed to produce 3 kg of beef. Think of all the benefits you can get from avoiding meat and eating grains to satisfy your hunger. Health risk. Both animals and plants can get sick. If a plant becomes ill, it wilts and dies. If an animal falls ill, then its owner takes it to the slaughterhouse, where the animal is killed so that its owner does not suffer losses. After that, people pay a lot of money to get this meat into their stomachs. Animals and plants equally absorb harmful substances with water and air. In animals, these substances accumulate, being deposited in fatty tissues. When buying meat, a person cannot see these harmful substances. And when he eats such meat, he receives a large dose of harmful substances from the environment. In plants, harmful substances do not accumulate in such quantities. Even by thoroughly washing plant products, we cannot remove all harmful substances; but, eating plant foods, our body receives a much smaller amount of such substances. This is the advantage of a vegetarian diet. The results of a study of breast milk of 1400 breastfeeding mothers showed that the milk of women who ate meat and dairy products contained twice the amount of harmful substances from the environment than the milk of women who followed a vegetarian diet. Scientific studies, the results of which are constantly published, prove that plant foods satisfy the needs of our body much better and their use reduces the incidence of various ailments. The highest level of deaths is given by cardiovascular diseases and cancer. These two diseases are responsible for 2/3 of all deaths. There are two main factors that can cause the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer – smoking and unhealthy diet. Improper nutrition includes: – cholesterol, – excessive consumption of fats, especially animal fats, – excessive consumption of high-calorie foods leading to obesity, – lack of plant fibers in food. Cholesterol enters the body only with animal food. It has already been proven that the risk of cardiovascular disease increases with an increase in cholesterol intake. Therefore, naturally, we recommend keeping your cholesterol intake to a minimum. But this recommendation is not so new! Rather, this is a new discovery of the most ancient nutrition system, proposed thousands of years ago by the One Who created and maintains our body, and described in the Holy Scriptures. Read Genesis 1.29. The Lord prescribed: “Every herb that yields seed, and every tree that bears fruit of the tree that yields seed, this shall be food for you.” And these are fruits, cereals, nuts, vegetables and seeds. “Vegetarianism is the key to health”

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