My silver shield


A piece of cardboard

Dark blue crepe paper

You paper aluminum

A black marker

Strong glue

A pair of scissors

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    Step 1:

    Cut out a piece of cardboard, about 25cm wide and 50cm long. Draw, on one end, a sort of large V. Cut out the point, following the lines. If it’s a little too hard, ask Mom or Dad to do it.

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    Step 2:

    Cut out a large piece of aluminum foil to cover the front of your shield. To hold it together, glue the edges to the back.

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    Step 3:

    Cut out a rectangle of crepe paper, about 30 cm long by 20 cm wide. Glue it in the middle of the cardboard. As with the aluminum foil, put a few drops of glue on the edges and attach them to the back of the shield.

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    Step 4:

    Draw a coat of arms on the blue paper. It’s up to you to imagine your own symbol …

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    Step 5:

    To properly hold your shield, make a handle. Cut out a strip of cardboard, approximately 30 cm long by 3 cm wide. Form a sort of A by bringing the two ends of the cardboard strip together.

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    Step 6:

    Put a few drops of strong glue on each end of the cardboard strip, then glue the handle to the back of the shield.

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    Step 7:

    All you have to do is put on your armor. With this silver shield, you will no longer fear the bad guys!

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