Fruit eating – consequences

The population of the Earth is about 7 billion people and most of the people on our planet eat boiled food. Needless to say, such a question as the consequences of a fruit diet is quite natural. In this article, we will try to answer it. So, the first place to start is with anatomy. A lot of information has been written about this in various official sources and we will only highlight some of the main points of the distinctive features of human digestion.

We will proceed from the generally recognized dogma of human omnivorousness and the impossibility of eating fruits and vegetables for a long period without harm to health. Man, of course, belongs to such a class of vertebrates as mammals. Yes, animals! We are not robots and this should not be forgotten, and therefore the laws of nature are the same for both humans and other animals.

From the name, it follows that people do not begin to eat solid food immediately, but only after a period of breastfeeding, that is, in fact, a person grows up for the first years of his life eating only his mother’s milk! No one thinks about any balance when it comes to feeding – the cub grows by leaps and bounds, feeding, in fact, on liquid food!

Composition of human milk: Energy value 70 kcal

Water – 87,5 g

Proteins – 1,03 g

Fat – 4,38 g

– saturated – 2,0 g

– monounsaturated – 1,66 g

– polyunsaturated – 0,50 g

Carbohydrates – 6,89 g

– disaccharides – 6,89 g It can be clearly seen here that 100 g of milk contains approximately 1% protein. From here, to the promoters of the idea of ​​protein deficiency in fruit-eating, a reasonable question arises – what are their arguments based on? Next, let us compare the structure of the digestive system of humans and other omnivorous animals.

The structure of the human jaw refers to the structure of the jaw of any other herbivorous animals and the main feature is the mobility of the jaw not only along the horizontal axis, but also along the vertical, and chewing is carried out due to the chewing muscles.In omnivores and predators, the jaw moves only up and down, and the opening angle of the jaw is quite large, especially in predators, to be able to bite off large pieces of flesh and cut with large fangs, swallow without chewing.

Now let’s touch the human teeth, which are so often put as proof of the omnivorousness of humans. Do I have to guess that our fangs are only capable of gnawing some kind of fruit like an apple? But our chewing teeth are precisely located for thorough chewing of plant food. The length of the human intestine has a ratio of 10/1 to the height of a person for the thorough splitting of plant food that does not quickly decay. The length of the intestines of omnivores has a ratio of 5-6 / 1. Of course, there is still a huge amount of obvious evidence of herbivorousness in humans, but we will not cite them in this article, since the purpose of the article is to understand what kind of plant foods should be consumed by a person living according to the laws of nature.

Firstly, not a single animal on Earth eats boiled food, as well as cooked in any way, and only a person mocks his food as best he can, squeezing out various aromas and tastes that in no way relate to the usefulness of this food. , the simplest way to find out what a person should eat would be simply to leave him free in an environment where he can survive absolutely without anything for at least half a year without harm to health. Firstly, it will naturally be an environment with warm climates, since a person does not have enough hair to retain heat in climates with temperatures below 15 degrees. For half a year, he will simply freeze if he does not get dressed. In the regions with such a climate, there is a lot of plant foods suitable for consumption.

The first and most accessible type of food for humans is fruits. They taste good to us, when we see them, we actively salivate, and we are also quite well oriented towards the search for fruits and this was facilitated by the multimillion-dollar evolution of us as a species and fruits as our constant companion. The second type of food for humans will be green-leafed vegetables, not bitter and not sour in taste. Root crops, as well as seeds, can serve as food for a person for a short time, but they are not tasty and he cannot eat them for a long time. Cereals are also not able to feed us in sufficient quantity unless we collect a huge field of special harvest technique, and then, through long thermo-mechanical transformations, put it on the table. And now let’s look at the consequences of a fruit diet.

These and many other fruit eaters around the world are doing great and have excellent physical and mental health. We hope that after reading this article, everyone will decide for themselves what to eat. Share with your friends if you liked the article and write in the comments if you didn’t like it, and also what.

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