Wakatoon – Pink Rose: An Interactive Coloring Book

Wakatoon – Pink Rose: The coloring comes alive!

No, no, no, pleeeeease! We don’t stop relations with the English like that! The Queen of England still fascinates us as much, and we love to be chic, in her image, by having lunch with the little finger in the air. In addition, English remains the predominant language in international exchanges, so you might as well get started as soon as possible.

How about adopting a … sock? Sorry, but if she’s fresh, nice and pink, she’s got it all! It makes children laugh and asks only to be colored to come alive. The hand is not neglected, fine motor skills are developed, as well as the ear which never tires of sounds in English – while offering most of the text in French, so as not to discourage French children. Pink Rose is wonderful!

 The + for kids : the coloring book (or downloading the pages) allows you to have a support to let off steam with your pencils or markers. Very important, the work of the hand, to develop motor skills. Once we have colored, the surprise of the animated book arrives. We position the tablet above and, tadaaaa, we see the characters come to life and we hear them express themselves. It is “augmented reality”.


For who ? 4 to 7 year olds. It is strongly recommended that the parent be next to the child and have him verbalize what he discovers during the activity, or even come back to certain English words: you might as well make sure that the child has assimilated them.


Free on App Store, Google Play and order the coloring book on Amazon for € 8,90 here.


By Super-Julie.


But who is Super-Julie?

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