The importance of the lymphatic system and its cleansing

The lymphatic system is of great importance in the state of human health. It has a drainage effect in the body, filters and removes waste from the body. Without the healthy functioning of the lymphatic system in the human body, the cardiovascular and immune systems begin to suffer. When the lymphatic fluid stagnates and becomes overwhelmed with toxins, the muscles are not properly nourished, clamps and blocks occur, which result in low energy levels. Naturopaths especially note the importance of cleansing the lymphatic system. With clogged lymph, the whole body suffers, because every cell in our body depends on a properly functioning lymphatic system. The good news is that everything is in our hands and we are able to take control of many processes in our body. Let’s look at the main actions that will help us clear the lymph and prevent its stagnation. Avoid fermented food. Eat more whole, natural foods

What foods contribute to stagnation of lymph: (especially from white flour). All these products cause the formation of toxins that accumulate in the lymph. However, there are also products containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids that cleanse us. it Make time for physical activity At this point, I would like to put a big and bold exclamation mark. This is because without motor activity, the lymph in the body will not move in any way. For this purpose, any movement is suitable, jumping is very good. Dance, yoga, qigong and so on. By moving, the muscles massage the lymphatic system, stimulating the flow of lymph. Drink plenty of water The body really needs high-quality water to cleanse the lymph. The amount of water you drink per day can vary from 6-8 glasses per day. Visit the bath Saunas and baths are a wonderful way to remove toxins through the skin through sweat, which also cleanses the body. In addition to the above recommendations, one can also note the effectiveness of acupuncture and lymphatic drainage massage from competent specialists. A contrast shower and herbal teas will help you move the lymph and keep your body healthy. Remember that it is best to approach the issue comprehensively and try as many tools and methods together as possible. Be healthy!

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