Green tea boosts memory, scientists discover

Doctors have long discovered that green tea – one of the most beloved drinks by vegetarians – has antioxidant properties, is good for the heart and skin. But recently, another serious step has been taken in the study of the beneficial properties of green tea. Scientists from the University of Basel (Switzerland) found that green tea extract enhances the cognitive functions of the brain, in particular, increases short-term synaptic plasticity – which affects the ability to solve intellectual problems and contributes to better memorization.

During the study, 12 healthy male volunteers were offered a whey drink containing 27.5 grams of green tea extract (part of the subjects received a placebo to control the objectivity of the experiment). During and after drinking the drink, the test subjects were subjected to an MRI (computerized examination of the brain). Then they were asked to solve various intellectual problems. Scientists observed a markedly increased ability of those who received a drink with tea extract to solve tasks and remember information.

Despite the fact that many studies have been carried out on green tea in different countries in the past, it is Swiss doctors who have only now managed to prove the beneficial effect of green tea on cognitive functions. They even pinpointed the mechanism that triggers the components of green tea: they improve the interconnection of its different departments – this increases the ability to process and remember information.

Previously, scientists have already proven the benefits of green tea for memory and in the fight against cancer.

We can’t help but rejoice that such a popular vegetarian drink as green tea turned out to be even more useful than previously thought! Indeed, along with soy milk and kale (which have long proven their usefulness), green tea in the mass consciousness is a kind of “representative”, ambassador, a symbol of vegetarianism in general.



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