The benefits of meat eating have finally been proven!

Well, how to prove to these vegetarians that meat is a very useful thing?! How do they not understand that meat-eaters put a different meaning into the word “benefit”? For vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians, “benefit” means good spirits, longevity, and high-quality longevity, with a clear mind, strong memory and good mood. And for meat-eaters, the “benefit” is:

1. Contamination of the body with toxins, decay products of the dead flesh of animals. 2. Acceleration of wear and tear of the body for the sake of that short-term burst of “energy”, when the digestive system has to use additional reserves of the body for fighting diseases. 3. Deterioration in the quality of life, because heaviness in the stomach after eating is only a tiny part of the problems that await the meat-eater. 4. Dependence on the very idea that without meat a man is “not a man”. A state of panic at the mere thought of living the rest of your life without meat. 5. Acute poisoning as a result of eating meat, as well as special additives to give taste. 6. A lot of other problems with the psyche and health, depending on the strength of the body.

The benefits of meat are a fact, really. Only if this meat is alive and brings you slippers in the morning, if it curls up in your lap, if it is left alive. As soon as a person tries to eat meat, an additional task arises before him: to make this “food” at least somewhat acceptable for consumption. Vegetarians don’t need to be smart: everything vegetable has one or another taste, smell, there are vegetables that perfectly set off the taste of other dishes, making them a celebration of sophistication. Stop: are we talking about the benefits of meat? So: you have to sprinkle it abundantly with salt, which contributes to even greater “benefit” of meat, and the meat industry has long been using various flavor enhancers. You know how some dogs are thrown a piece of meat into the porridge so that they can eat it. So additives “help” people to consume both meat and production waste. By the way, about waste. When the manufacturers realized that vegetarians could not be persuaded to eat corpses, and meat-eaters “eat” very actively, they began to experiment with production waste, for the “benefit”, of course. First, second and last – for the benefit of industrial magnates.  

The benefit of meat is also that from its use a person begins to think better. Thinking about how to “devour” something else meat, but more! A person’s worldview changes, it becomes more predatory. But the first victim of this predator is himself, his money, health. Thinking takes on primitive forms: for most meat-eaters, either everything is so simple that there is nothing to think about, or it is so complicated that it is simply unrealistic to think. The path of thinkers and philosophers who ask complex questions of being and the universe, finding at least partial answers to them, is open to those who are pure in soul, mind and body. And the belly stuffed with meat is deaf to any reflection. 

Also among the meat-eaters there are a lot of outwardly thoughtful people. Their thoughtful appearance hints to us that they comprehend the secrets of subtle matters. Only now, doctors stubbornly claim that these people are concerned about a more relevant question for them: “When will I go to the toilet?”, Since constipation for meat-eaters is the norm. A “useful” norm, it should be noted, according to the proverb: “I carry everything that is mine with me.” Meat is also useful for female beauty. A stout body, only in outline reminiscent of a human, which is difficult for a woman to move without shortness of breath, fetid sweat that only chlorine can cope with, breath “not the first freshness” – this is a great benefit for those who want to prove that beauty is a terrible force! 

The benefits of meat must be approved at the state level and enshrined in the Constitution. The man-herd is easier to control in any direction. The psyche of a meat-eater affects the worldview: it becomes more prosaic. “Reforms? New laws? You say the main thing: there will be meat? “Spirituality? Is this a new sausage? 

There is another advantage of meat – it kills “tasty” and “beautiful”! The choice of real “men” and desperate ladies! Yes, even with vodka, so that carcinogens are better dispersed through the cells of the body – mmm, just super! Well, even without it, the meat will do well on its own. Even Paracelsus and other ancient physicians knew the formula: “like is treated with like.” Let “stupid” vegans support their health with living plant matter, and “treat” with animal corpses befits meat-eaters. 

The use of meat is also in the fact that meat-eaters with its help do good to various bacteria that occur during putrefactive processes in the body. They not only give birth to them in themselves, but warm them, feed them tirelessly! According to scientists, there are about two (!) Kilograms of bacteria in a person. It is difficult to say how many of them are “cadaverous”. But this amount should be enough for a whole crowd of vegetarians who have practically no putrefactive processes in their intestines. It should be noted that the “benefit” of meat is in the aesthetic “pleasure”. When consciousness is limited to base desires, there is no need to talk about any high culture. So cooks compose the whole art of cooking meat. Entire rituals are composed around frying, boiling and other manipulations with meat, because it is “not destiny” to rise above the mind of a meat-eater. Maybe so, spiritual and aesthetic limitations – nature takes revenge?  

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