Shania Twain — symbol of vegetarianism

Shania Twain is a Canadian singer, one of the most successful contemporary country and pop singers – a symbol of vegetarianism.

While we were reminiscing about our old meetings, I managed to tell Shania that I had given up meat last year, although I continue to eat fish, I feel much better.

“Wonderful!” Shania told me, and this was a confession of my almost vegetarianism.

Shania is a vegetarian who eats cheese but does not eat eggs.

Frankly, none of the two of us is a preacher of this way of life.

Shania always says it’s very personal and she would never advocate vegetarianism. She understands that vegetarianism is a personal choice. It must be conscious and it must be approached emotionally, spiritually and physically. If you can do that, great.

There are many benefits to being a vegetarian. For example, I no longer have belching and stomach pains, and the circles under my eyes have become much lighter.

Shania, on the other hand, shines with her beauty.

A few months ago, Country Weekly named 48-year-old Shania the most beautiful woman of 2013.

She confidently says that there are still good sides to being a vegetarian. People with cancer told her that their doctor had prescribed a vegetarian diet for them. She thinks it’s right, but it would be better if they stopped eating meat before they got sick.

Or maybe vegetarianism will make you slimmer. For example, I lost 4.5 kg very quickly.

But my metabolism bounced back after a few months and I regained my weight.

Then Shania advised me to eat a little less.

Yes, I understand all this, I know, but I cannot live without chips and ice cream.

Shania eats properly and sensibly. She sticks to a combination of raw and whole foods daily. Her diet contains greens, vegetables and nuts.

She eats like this every day.

She told me that if you include bread, rice and pasta in your diet, of course you can eat up with them and to some extent replace the lack of meat, but these products contain starch. That kind of food doesn’t help.

Shania is also very attractive because she is modest, but when I start asking about her ability to cook, she is so excited!

For example, she says that she arranges a feast for Christmas. He makes his own special sauce – very tasty, spicy, based on morel mushrooms. Everyone loves her brown sauce. It tastes like turkey sauce, but it does not contain any animal products. And people will never say that her delicious sauce, this sauce is a killer.

She decided to write a cookbook and help people because she tried many vegetarian dishes that took hours to prepare. Shania experiments a lot in the kitchen. Meat-eaters will also like her dishes.

Without a doubt, Shania is the Most Beautiful Woman of 2013.

                                                                                                   (Based on Doug Elfman)

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