6 trendy gifts for a vegetarian

 Massage certificate 

Massage is an actual gift for women and men of any age, and especially for adherents of a conscious lifestyle. Thai, Ayurvedic, with fragrant balms or four hands – each massage will bring a lot of benefits and pleasure, relieve the body of unnecessary stress and even relieve toxins. It is usually difficult for us to allocate time and money for our own relaxation, so everyone will be delighted with a certificate for a massage. If you like a particular massage studio or master, feel free to give a certificate there. So that you do not rack your brains, pay attention to these salons:,.


Certificate in organic beauty salon 

The problem with most beauty salons is the use of cosmetics with a lot of chemical ingredients. But it turns out that there are studios that use only natural and organic products for procedures. In Moscow, this is, in St. Petersburg -. Listok offers a wide range of facial and body treatments, an organic beauty salon with hair and nails, a healthy body studio with yoga and stretching classes, and an eco-cosmetics store. The St. Petersburg studio works entirely on natural cosmetics without sulfates, parabens and SLS, which is not tested on animals and has international certificates Ecocert, Cruelty-free and others. 

A set of eco-products from FUN TAN 

A whole box of healthy and delicious vegan products is a trendy and trendy gift that any healthy lifestyle enthusiast will love. A set of eco-products in a stylish gift box is a supply of vivacity and good mood for the whole week. The creators selected unique product brands and developed stylish packaging. It is always interesting to open a mysterious box, guessing what is inside? Here are just a few of the fillings: Casa Cuba Tofu Pate, Food Revolution Sprouted Seed Bread, Grizzly Cherry Peanut Butter, Naturality Pumpkin and Hazelnut Granola, Veranda Masala Real Masala Tea, Smoked Salt in a Flask and other healthy and delicious foods. 

By the way, inside there is a cute mug and a stylish postcard with a personal message. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, this box will be an amazing and unforgettably tasty gift! Gourmets will appreciate!


Travel certificate from OneTwoTrip 

Travel is a very cool gift for an adventure lover. Give emotions and impressions with a travel certificate from OneTwoTrip. How it works? On the site you can issue a gift certificate with any denomination and a beautiful design and send it to the addressee by e-mail. The recipient will be able to choose any route and direction for the specified amount or pay extra to go on the trip of their dreams. For example, tickets to Sochi, where the weather is almost summer, cost only 5 thousand in both directions. Such a gift will definitely be remembered for a long time!


Cooking class 

Cooking tasty vegan and raw food dishes is not an easy task. Ethical cooking has many secrets that only professionals in their field know about. If your loved one loves to cook, give him a master class or video course on vegan and raw food dishes from. Maria is a true fan of her work. She regularly hosts meetings where she teaches how to cook live chocolate, live burgers, fantastic smoothies, vegan pizza and other goodies. The master class will not only inspire you to culinary achievements, but will also allow you to meet like-minded people!


Master class on zenart 

Zenart is drawing that makes us happier. The essence of zenart is drawing patterns according to a given algorithm, during which the brain concentrates on the process, frees itself from unnecessary thoughts and allows a person to relax. Zenart does not require any artistic skills, all you need is a pen and a piece of paper. At the Drawing City zenart school, you can learn how to draw mandalas and meditate creatively, as well as master the technique of optical illusion. Any creative person will be delighted!



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