Isotonic, gels and a bar: how to make your own running nutrition



When we run, and run for a long time, salts and minerals are washed out of our body. Isotonic is a drink that was invented in order to make up for these losses. By adding a carbohydrate component to the isotonic drink, we get the perfect sports drink to maintain strength and recover after jogging. 

20 g of honey

30 ml orange juice

Pinch of salt

400 ml of water 

1. Pour water into the carafe. Add salt, orange juice and honey.

2. Mix well and pour the isotonic into a bottle. 

Energy gels 

The basis of all purchased gels is maltodextrin. This is a fast carbohydrate that is digested instantly and immediately gives energy on the race. The basis of our gels will be honey and dates – more affordable products that can be found in any store. They are excellent sources of fast carbohydrates that are convenient to eat on the go. 


1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp molasses (can be replaced with another tablespoon of honey)

1 tbsp. чиа

2 tbsp. water

1 pinch of salt

¼ cup coffee 

1. Mix all ingredients well and pour into a small bottle.

2. This amount is enough for food for 15 km. If you run a long distance, increase the amount of ingredients accordingly. 

6 dates

½ cup agave syrup or honey

1 tbsp. чиа

1 tbsp. carob

1. Grind the dates in a blender with syrup or honey until a smooth puree consistency.

2. Add chia, carob and mix again.

3. Divide the gel into small sealed bags. Consume at a distance every 5-7 km after the first half hour of running. 

Energy bar 

Long distance solid food is usually consumed between gels to keep the stomach working. We invite you to prepare energy bars that will energize and add strength! 


300 g dates

100 g almonds

50 g coconut chips

Pinch of salt

vanilla pinch 

1. Grind the dates in a blender along with nuts, salt and vanilla.

2. Add coconut flakes to the mass and mix again.

3. Form dense small bars or balls. Wrap each in foil for easy eating on the go. 

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