Why are vegetarians so mean???

Why are vegetarians so mean?

This question is asked by many people who adhere to free unreasonable and unethical views on what food should be. But almost always, in order to understand something well, you need to abandon the emotionally charged assessment. Then it will be objective. During frequent discussions between vegetarians and meat-eaters, a quarrel arises. Yes, the line between a heated argument and a quarrel is very thin, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish it. Moreover, people begin to confront ideas already with a certain attitude. Since no one is having any discussions right now, you can take a sober and objective look at the behavior of vegetarians during conversations when they try to convince you not to eat meat.

About our neighbors

You begin to understand your opponent well when you are not threatened with humiliation if you lose in an argument. So let’s analyze what vegetarians “breathe” with, what makes them passionately defend their opinion and to some extent impose it on meat-eaters? A special worldview comes to the fore – ethical, peace-loving. For ordinary people, a family is a small circle of relatives, sometimes they include like-minded people. But for vegetarians, every living being is included in the family circle. And imagine how they feel, realizing that every day there is a massive, catastrophically large-scale slaughter of livestock. How to remain calm when people “decorate” themselves with skins, fur of animals, even those that they themselves look with tenderness?! How not to ignite, how not to show ardor?! But even here one should not confuse even such emotions with anger, hatred, malice. Sometimes, of course, it looks like this, but nowhere is it written that vegans should look tenderly at what is being done to part of their world. And your meat-eaters world, although unfortunately many of you will never realize this. But the article is for you, sensible ones, who were simply confused by grabbers .. oh, doctors (is it not from the word “lie”? After all, doctors only support vegans.), “caring” grandmothers with parents, catering.

In addition, the vegetarian initiative is driven by benevolence. When you feel the undoubted benefits of a particular healing technique, and even if you heard something useful or interesting, don’t you want to share it with someone else? It’s so natural. The reaction is also natural when people reject obvious goodness, and even “twist a finger at the temple”, they say, they drove nonsense into their heads. Given all this, it is worth appreciating the endurance, the patience of most vegetarians.

There are still some people who generally like to follow fashion trends. They just make up the majority of those who show unhealthy jealousy, albeit for a just cause. Instead of having a peaceful dialogue or discussion on the terms of mutual respect, they are ready to forcibly make everyone vegetarian… and then drastically change the vector of their own interests. These are not true vegans, they cannot be compared with others and generalizing conclusions can be drawn. Although the arguments need to be listened to even when they do not sound quite correct. After all, meat-eaters put up and calmly perceive the fact of the presence of slaughterhouses, and this, from the point of view of vegetarian ethics, is completely incorrect.

On a psychophysical level, vegetarianism makes emotions much purer than those of meat-eaters. Primitive feelings and emotions become “thinner”. Where anger and irritation were previously manifested, only indignation can arise. And, of course, it can be caused not by a careless push by a bus passenger, but by more serious reasons. Otherwise, the mind and soul of a vegan is much more resistant to stress factors than a meat eater.

There is a problem, there is a solution

If the problem were a dead end, then the activity of the vegetarian movement would be, to put it mildly, not adequate. But after all, they provide a worthy alternative to the previous diet. In plant foods, everything is enough for a fulfilling life. And when the meat-eaters refuse even this, then the time comes, it will not be snobbishly said, for righteous indignation. Why can representatives of political parties, adherents of various cultural, religious and other movements allow themselves a tough debate, while they try to ban vegans?! Noble impulses, falsely interpreted as malice, come from the realization of one’s rightness and the unreasonable stubbornness of opponents.

How to communicate?

Stop broadcasting labels like: “evil”, “crazy”, etc. As practice and history show, vegetarians have something to be proud of: scientists, strongmen, talented artists, actors and other artists. Yes, there are also outstanding personalities in the “camp” of meat-eaters. But after all, humanity must become even more perfect, more ethical, otherwise it is threatened with degradation. The easiest way to say that those who call for a more perfect lifestyle are crazy, fans. This is the way of almost all philosophers, sages and spiritual teachers, and there are no advocates of meat-eating among them. Do you understand?

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