Spicy food promotes longevity

The next time you offer your friends an Indian dinner and they vote for hamburgers, tell them spices will save their lives! At the very least, they will contribute to a longer and healthier life. According to a study, people who regularly consume dried or fresh chili peppers live longer and with fewer diseases. Spices have a significant effect on the intestinal flora, as well as reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes mellitus, as they improve glucose homeostasis. In this way, spices help to balance the balance of the body, which allows it to better cope with food residues and distribute sugar more correctly. Research also confirms that increasing consumption of spices, such as chili powder, reduces the risk of death from infections in women. This fact is supported by other studies that link capsaicin consumption to improved health, as well as its ability to stop the growth of pathogenic bacteria. Another reason spices may be associated with longevity is their ability to blunt appetite, preventing obesity. In addition, spices contribute to the metabolic process, stimulating fat burning. Summing up, we can say that .

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