Jane Fonda spoke out in defense of the planet’s ecology

“I think that today’s march and demonstration will influence the state of affairs,” D. Fonda told the press. “They say, “you have to choose: economy or ecology,” but this is a lie.” “The truth is that if we take climate change seriously, we will have a stronger economy, more jobs and more equality. We support this.”

Other VIPs at the event included prominent science broadcaster and environmental activist David Takayoshi Suzuki and writer, journalist and activist Naomi Klein.

“We can’t put everything on the shoulders of young people,” said Fonda, who belongs to the older generation of Hollywood actors. “When my life comes to an end, I would not like to hear from my grandchildren the reproach that I did nothing to clean up what my generation has done on the planet.” D. Fonda’s grandson, 16-year-old Malcolm Vadim, also joined the demonstration.


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