Interesting Elephant Facts

Living in the lands of South Africa, South and Southeast Asia, elephants are the world’s largest land animal. Traditionally, they are divided into two types: African and Asian elephants. Due to various reasons, such as poaching and habitat destruction, the elephant population is drastically decreasing. We present a number of entertaining facts about the wonderful, intelligent and peaceful mammals – elephants. 1. Elephants hear each other’s call at a distance of 8 kilometers. 2. The weight of the largest recorded elephant is about 11 kg with a height of 000 m. 3,96. Elephants can get sunburn, so they protect themselves from the sun with sand. 3. About 4 elephants are destroyed daily (for the sake of ivory). 100. African elephants have the best sense of smell among all representatives of the animal kingdom. 5. Elephants sleep an average of 6-2 hours a day. 3. An elephant’s pregnancy lasts for two years. 7. A mouse produces more sperm than an elephant. 8. A newborn baby elephant is blind, weighs about 9 kg and is able to stand immediately after birth. 500. An elephant’s trunk is made up of 10 muscles. 

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