Not a couple: why you shouldn’t eat cucumbers and tomatoes together

Often, the only criterion for choosing ingredients is the taste and benefits of each individual product. However, eating even healthy vegetables together can be harmful. According to Ayurveda and food theory, tomatoes and cucumbers have different effects on digestion and are not digested together.

Combining ingredients with different digestion times is not a good idea. While one product will only pass into the intestines, the second will be completely digested, which will lead to the process of fermentation of sugars and starches and will not allow you to enjoy the benefits of food as you thought. The fermentation process can cause gas, swelling, stomach pain, and intestinal problems.

Tomatoes and cucumbers in this regard are not compatible with each other. When they reach the stomach and the fermentation process begins, the acid released in the abdominal cavity can cause numerous digestive problems.

Cucumbers alkalize the body, while tomatoes oxidize. So, with the joint use of red and green fruits, the enzyme ascorbinase, which is contained in cucumbers, will destroy the ascorbic acid of tomatoes. This means that if we combine two vegetables, our body will not be able to get vitamin C, the source of which is a tomato.

If you want to have a healthy stomach, liver and get enough vitamins from food, stop eating the popular salad often. It can be eaten occasionally, but only to please yourself with your favorite combination.

Tomatoes and cucumbers are not the only two foods that are advised not to eat together. Here are a few more combinations that are best avoided:

fruits after meals

Fruits do not stay in the stomach for long because they contain simple sugars that do not require digestion. If you eat foods rich in protein, fat and starch, they will be digested much longer. When you eat fruit after your main meal, the fructose will cause fermentation, which will cause discomfort such as flatulence and pain.

Cereal and oatmeal with milk and orange juice

The acid in orange juice and any acidic fruit destroys the enzyme responsible for digesting starches found in grains. In addition, acidic juices can coagulate milk inside the body, turning it into a heavy, slimy substance. If you can’t give up your favorite breakfast, drink juice half an hour before oatmeal.

Yogurt with fruits

Ayurveda and food combination theory do not recommend mixing any sour fruits with dairy products as they can impair digestion, alter intestinal flora, produce toxins and cause colds, coughs and allergies. For those who love fruit parfaits, Ayurveda recommends mixing yogurt with honey, cinnamon and raisins instead of sour fruits and berries.

Bananas with milk

Ayurveda ranks this combination as one of the heaviest and toxin-forming. It creates heaviness in the body and slows down mental activity. If you like banana milk smoothies, use very ripe bananas and add cardamom and nutmeg to stimulate digestion.

Macaroni and Cheese

The combination loved by many is also not healthy. The starch found in pasta and the protein found in cheese have different digestion times, so this combination will also cause fermentation. Eating bread with cheese will provoke the same effect.

Macaroni with tomato sauce and cheese

Acid tomatoes should not be mixed with starchy carbohydrates such as pasta. When you generously sprinkle the dish with cheese, digestion becomes even more problematic. You feel tired and want to rest as your body needs a ton of energy. This is one of the reasons why the afternoon siesta is honored in Italy and Spain. To avoid unpleasant consequences, season pasta with vegetable oil or pesto sauce with the addition of baked vegetables.

Beans with cheese

This is a favorite combination in many Mexican dishes. And if you also add a portion of guacamole and hot sauce, then you can not get up from the table. Legumes themselves can cause bloating, and cheese will exacerbate the situation. Eat these foods separately, especially if you have poor digestion.

watermelon with melon

Perhaps these are the most famous products that are not recommended to be combined not only with each other, but in general are eaten separately from any food.

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