Separate food

It is considered the most controversial nutritional system of our time. Proponents of this technique prove its beneficial properties, and many nutritionists claim the opposite. Who is right after all has not yet been finally decided.

The split eating theory is to separate compatible and incompatible foods in the diet.

If incompatible food enters the stomach, then its digestion becomes more difficult, which leads to the deposition of unprocessed food in the body in the form of toxins and, consequently, to obesity. The products are divided according to the composition of the components and the assimilable medium: for example, in order to break down proteins, an acidic medium is needed, and carbohydrates are assimilated in an alkaline one. If you simultaneously eat various foods that contain a significant amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, then some substances are absorbed better, while others are idle, fermentable, which creates discomfort in the stomach, disrupts metabolism, the work of the pancreas, and as a result, fatty interlayers.


Compliance with the Shelton Separate Food Diet

American nutritionist and physician Herbert Shelton was the first to formulate the rules for food compatibility. The main point lies in the separate use of incompatible foods in order to facilitate food processing, the absorption of nutrients by the body and thereby achieve excess weight loss. At least two hours should pass between the receptions of incompatible products. And before eating, it is recommended to drink boiled plain water or still mineral water.

Basic rules:

  1. 1 You can not eat carbohydrate foods along with sour foods at one time. For example, bread, peas, bananas and dates are incompatible with lemon, orange, grapefruit, cranberry and other acidic foods.
  2. 2 It is forbidden to consume proteins along with carbohydrates at one time. For example, meat, eggs, fish, cheese, milk are incompatible with bread, porridge and noodles.
  3. 3 Also, you can not use two protein products at the same time.
  4. 4 Fats are incompatible with proteins.
  5. 5 You shouldn’t eat acidic fruits along with proteins in one meal. For example, lemon, pineapple, cherry, sour plum and apple are eaten with meat, eggs, nuts.
  6. 6 It is forbidden to take starch along with sugar at one time, since the combination of these products causes fermentation in the stomach. For example, jam, sugar molasses on bread are incompatible with cereals and potatoes.
  7. 7 Only one product containing starch is allowed at one time. Because if you combine two separate types of starch, then one will be absorbed, and the other will remain in the stomach, this will interfere with the processing of the rest of the food and cause fermentation. For example, potatoes and porridge with bread are incompatible substances.
  8. 8 or watermelon doesn’t go well with any food.
  9. 9 can not be used with any other products, it is advisable to refuse from its use altogether.

Main product groups

Subject to the diet of separate food, all products are divided into separate groups for compatibility.

  • Protein: meat, soy, fish, cheese, nuts, legumes.
  • Fat:, sour cream, lard, vegetable and butter.
  • Carbohydrate: cereals, bread, pasta, potatoes, legumes, sugar, sweet fruits.
  • Starch: cereals, potatoes, peas, bread, baked goods.
  • A group of sweet fruits: dates, bananas, raisins, persimmons, figs,.
  • A group of sour vegetables and fruits: orange, tomato,, grapes, peach, pineapple, lemon, pomegranate.

The benefits of separate nutrition

  • Since compatible products are quickly processed, it avoids the processes of decay and fermentation of food debris, which reduces intoxication of the body.
  • The general well-being improves.
  • Separate meals contribute to weight loss, in which the result remains persistent.
  • This system significantly reduces the burden on the body, which is useful for gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular diseases.
  • In addition to the fact that the method of separate nutrition is quite strict, requires special knowledge and thorough filtering of products, an alternative is provided in the alternation of different compatible groups, as well as the opportunity to significantly diversify the diet, unlike many other nutrition methods.
  • Despite many different theories regarding separate nutrition, this system is primarily perceived as promoting a healthy lifestyle, therefore, the essence of this method is not only in the separation of products, but also in moderate intake.

Why is separate food dangerous?

This nutritional rule is artificial, therefore, with a long-term adherence to a separate diet, it is possible to disrupt the normal, natural process of digestion.

  • Man was originally adapted to eating various, mixed foods. Therefore, if you follow a separate diet for a long time, then the body will no longer be able to cope with complex dishes, but only with individual products.
  • It is also necessary to understand that there are no products that consist only of the same substances, because many contain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as other nutrients. This explains the fact that the system of separate nutrition is more theoretical than practical, therefore it cannot serve as a stable diet for a healthy lifestyle and to combat obesity.
  • The split diet does not match traditional food rules and recipes in general.
  • This diet is a must. And not only because of the constant control over individual groups of combined products, it will also be difficult to achieve a sense of proportion and saturation of the body with food. Because some foods will lead to overeating, while others will lead to malnutrition, or will cause severe hunger immediately after a meal. In this way, you can disrupt the nervous system, mental state, and also harm the figure.
  • The body hardly gets used to the system of separate nutrition, because people who follow this diet often suffer from hunger, fatigue and irritation.

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