Brutal Vegetarians


Mike Tyson

Heavyweight champion. 44 knockouts in 50 wins. Three convictions and a face tattoo that the whole world knows. The brutality of the “iron” Mike knows no bounds. Since 2009, Tyson has completely eliminated meat from his diet.

This approach made it possible to remove nightmarish extra pounds and return the former freshness and tone to the body of the great boxer. Mike himself says that he “became noticeably calmer.” Yes, the boxer became a vegan after the end of his career, but it was this diet that helped him regain his strength and health. 

Bruce Lee

Film actor and famous fighter, promoter of martial arts Bru Lee is listed in the Guinness Book of Records 12 times. For eight years he successfully practiced vegetarianism.

The biography of the master mentions that Li ate fresh vegetables and fruits every day. His diet was dominated by Chinese and Asian food, because Bruce liked a wide variety of dishes. 

Jim Morris

A fan of proper nutrition, the famous bodybuilder Jim Morris trained until the last day. He did not work out as intensively as in his youth (only 1 hour a day, 6 days a week), which is quite good for 80 years old. Jim decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 50 – and was so “carried away” that at 65 he became a vegan. 

As a result, his diet consisted of fruits, vegetables, greens, beans, and nuts. 

Bill Pearl

Another iconic figure in bodybuilding is Bill Pearl. The four-time Mr. Universe gave up meat at the age of 39, and two years later won his next Mr. title.

At the end of his career, Beal was fruitfully engaged in coaching and wrote several popular books about bodybuilding. And here is Bill’s phrase, which perfectly describes his position:

“There is nothing ‘magic’ about meat that will turn you into a champion. Whatever you look for in a piece of meat, you can easily find it in any other food.” 

Prince Fielder

The 33-year-old baseball player plays for the Texas Rangers. His transition to vegetarianism in 2008 was prompted by reading several articles. These materials describe the handling of chickens and livestock on farms. The information impressed the man so much that he immediately switched to plant foods.

His decision attracted the attention of experts – no other professional baseball player has ever switched to such a diet. To the accompaniment of debate and controversy, Prince became a member of three All-Star Games and hit more than 110 home runs after switching to a vegetarian diet. 

Mac Danzig

Champion in several categories of MMA. Mac just turned the sport and the approach to it. Well, how can you imagine a powerful fighter crushing an opponent with bloody blows as a vegan?!

Danzig says that since childhood he has been respectful of nature and animals. At 20, he worked at the Ooh-Mah-Nee Farm Animal Shelter located in Pennsylvania. Here he met vegans and began to build his diet. Only now, friends advised me to include chicken meat in the diet to keep fit during training. It turned out to be a rather stupid situation, according to Mac himself: a completely vegan diet, but chicken three times a week.

Danzig soon read Mike Mahler’s article on sports nutrition and gave up meat entirely. The results of the fighter and the constant victories in his category prove the correctness of the choice. 

Paul Chetyrkin

An extreme athlete, known for his performances in survival races, during which the body is in a terrifying rhythm and load.

His open letter, which appeared on the net in 2004, can be considered a manifesto for anyone who wants to become a vegetarian. He says that since the age of 18 he has not eaten meat and has built his entire career on a vegan diet. The amount of fruits and vegetables that he eats every day provides him with an abundance of vitamins and minerals for active (at least three times a day) training. Paul’s main advice and principle is the variety of dishes and products. 

Jean-Claude Van Damme

A man with a perfect body, martial artist and action movie star of the 90s – this is all about Jacques-Claude Van Damme.

Before filming the film in 2001, Van Damme went on a vegetarian diet in order to get in shape. “In the film (The Monk) I want to be very fast. That’s why I only eat vegetables now. I eat no meat, no chicken, no fish, no butter. Now I weigh 156 pounds, and I’m fast as a tiger, ”the actor himself admitted.

Today, his diet still excludes meat. The Belgian is also known for his animal protection projects, so he can be safely called a person who strives to live in harmony with all living things. 

Timothy Bradley

WBO World Welterweight Boxing Champion. It was this fighter who was able to end the 7-year dominance of the great Manny Pacquiao in the ring. The young boxer was able to win the fight, defending the last round with a broken leg!

This impressed the journalists, but the experts were not particularly impressed – they are well aware of the uncompromising nature of the boxer. Bradley is known for his strict self-discipline and vegan lifestyle.

In an interview, Timothy calls being a vegan “the driving force behind my fitness and mental clarity.” So far, there have been no defeats in Bradley’s career.

 Frank Medrano

And finally, the “man without age”, whose videos on the network are gaining millions of views – Frank Medrano. He built his body through methodical and simple training. Frank is a passionate fan of calesthenics, a set of exercises that combines gymnastics and intense bodyweight work.

Around the age of 30, he gave up meat following the example of fellow bodybuilders. Since then, he has been a vegan and follows the diet rigorously. The athlete’s diet includes almond milk, peanut butter, oatmeal, whole grain bread, pasta, nuts, lentils, quinoa, beans, mushrooms, spinach, olive and coconut oil, brown rice, vegetables and fruits.

Frank tells how after switching to veganism (immediately bypassing vegetarianism), after a couple of weeks, he noticed that the recovery rate after training increased significantly, activity and explosive strength increased. Rapid changes in appearance have strengthened the motivation to stay vegan.

Later, to the physiological aspect, Medrano added an ethical one – protection about animals. 

It turns out that for excellent health and an attractive appearance, a man does not need meat at all, rather the opposite. 

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