Sausage: deadly illusion

Sausage: deadly illusion

Sausage is always a desirable product on the table of every meat-eater. And how do meat-packing plants manage to feed such a horde? And how to make the products tasty? By the way, in the second question, the logic is simple: the meat does not have any pleasant taste, it needs to be poured with plenty of sauces, sprinkled with seasonings, salt. When experiments are carried out where natural meat and “chemistry” are offered to people, then most people prefer the latter. 

So, in order to reduce the cost of production material (meat), but increase the number of sales, meat processing plants have long been using a special gel, “thanks” to which a large piece of meat is obtained from a thin meat strip. It also contains a flavor enhancer, so meat eaters like it. And under normal lighting, its color becomes very presentable for lovers of corpses – pale pink. But this is more about ham and ham. 

Smoking sausages is also not a profitable business, when you can quickly achieve the desired effect by using extremely poisonous smoking liquids. They contain, for example, formaldehyde. Someone wants to buy all these ingredients separately and eat?! That’s it … But, do you want phosphatics? After all, there is one more nuance: the meat decomposes, which will seem strange to today’s meat-eaters. So, to improve, scientifically speaking, organoleptic indicators, color and texture, almost stop oxidative processes, you can use “delicious” phosphates. Now, no matter how poor the quality of the source material, the showcases get the “meat” that pleases the eyes and tastes of the meat-eater, which can be stored for a long time, too long.

The next additive for a deadly illusion is E-250 (sodium nitrite), it is also a dye, it is also a seasoning, it is also a preservative. Application: bacon, sausages, various types of cold meat and smoked fish. It is to him that meat-eaters owe the fact that they buy slaughter that is not gray. Sodium nitrite also inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause botulism. This is because the E-250 itself can well deal with a person without the help of some kind of botulism. Sodium nitrite causes cancer, enhances the action of nitrosamines. Now, however, there has been a “humane” trend: in order for meat not to “mow down” people so clearly, ascorbic acid is added to bacon. It prevents the formation of nitrosamines. Well, this is how much you need to do to sell a piece of a poor slaughtered animal! But sodium nitrite, even without it, still remains a specific poison: it binds hemoglobin, which, as a result, causes oxygen starvation. If meat-eaters are such suicides, then at least they will pity the children! Doctors, nutritionists shout in one pig voice that children simply need meat! All these additives make efforts to saturate the child’s body simply futile, moreover, blood vessels become clogged, kidney stones appear, the liver and pancreas work worse and worse, and the intestines, the forge of our immunity, suffer almost in the first place. So, phosphates, nitrites and sodium nitrates are necessary?! The last two greatly excite the nervous system, children become inadequate, and what will they be like in adolescence?! And later?! Meat is a threat to state security! If the “super intelligence” still understood this, then here we are explaining! 

Boiled sausages are still those sausages. A huge amount of hidden fat, up to 40% of the weight of the product is occupied by meat waste – interior fat, pork skin (who vomited – sorry!). In general, we talked about more or less conscious manufacturers. Yes, yes, the “artisanal” method of sausage production is a set of even officially banned additives at the international level! The only thing that is not fatal in such sausages is the label. 

We think that the controversy between meat-eaters and vegetarians should be over, if only because the debate about meat, which has long been gone, is meaningless, except for the debate in the ethical sphere. Meat eaters! Give up and come join us! A warm welcome awaits you, hot herbal tea, healthy food, new successes in the development of your personality! Seriously, think about it, because meat is not worth the life of you and your children!

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