Green activist Moby

“When I was in high school, I played in a hardcore band, and my friends and I ate exclusively McDonald’s burgers. We knew people who were vegetarians and vegans and thought what they were doing was absurd. We were 15 or 16 years old and had the “perfect” American fast food diet. But somewhere in the depths of me there was a voice saying, “If you love animals, you shouldn’t eat them.” For a while, I ignored that voice. When I was 18, I looked at my cat named Tucker, and suddenly I realized that I would do anything to protect him. I loved Tucker more than any of my friends, and I would never eat him, so I probably shouldn’t eat other animals either. This simple moment made me a vegetarian. Then I began to read a lot about the production of meat, dairy products and eggs, and the more I learned, the more I came to understand that I wanted to be a vegan. So I’ve been a vegan for 24 years. For me, the best way to increase people’s knowledge of veganism is to treat them with respect. I respect other people’s point of view and sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes I want to yell at those who don’t agree with me. To tell the truth, when I first became a vegan, I was very angry and aggressive. I argued with people about veganism, I could yell at them. But then I realized that at times like this, people don’t listen to me, even if I’m making the world’s best case for veganism. The industrial production of meat, dairy products and eggs destroys everything it touches: animals, industrial workers, consumers of animal products. The only ones who benefit from this production are the shareholders of large corporations. People ask me, “What’s wrong with eggs and dairy?” and I say factory farming is what’s wrong with eggs and dairy. Most people think of farm chickens as happy creatures, but the reality is that chickens are kept in terrible conditions in huge egg factories. It may sound strange, but I almost think that eating eggs and dairy products is worse than eating meat. Because the animals that produce eggs and milk are forced to live in the worst conditions. The meat, dairy and egg industries hide the suffering of animals. The images of happy pigs and chickens on posters and trucks are a terrible lie, because the animals on these farms are suffering in a way that should not exist on this planet at all. My advice to people who are concerned about animal cruelty and thinking what they can do about it is to come up with a way to be smart activists and be activists every day. Many of us would like to push the button to end animal suffering right now, but that’s not possible. Therefore, it is necessary not to “burn out” so that you do not have to take “vacations”, etc. It means doing what you like, fun things, relaxing things. Because it makes no sense to protect animals 7 days a week, 365 days a year, if in this mode you will only last two years.” Another tip from Moby for those who are just starting to think about a vegan diet: “Educate yourself. Learn as much as you can about where your food comes from, its environmental and health implications. Because the people who produce meat, dairy and eggs are unfortunately lying to you. Do your best to find out the truth about your food and then solve the ethical dilemma for yourself. Thanks”. Moby was born in New York but grew up in Connecticut where he started composing music when he was 9 years old. He played classical guitar and studied music theory, and at age 14 became a member of the Connecticut punk band The Vatican Commandoes. He then played with the post-punk band Awol and studied philosophy at the University of Connecticut and the State University of New York. Moby started DJing while in college and established himself in the New York house and hip hop scene in the late 80s, playing at the Mars, Red zone, Mk and Palladium clubs. He released his first single “Go” in 1991 (ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the greatest recordings of all time). His albums have sold over 20 copies worldwide and he has also produced and remixed many other artists including David Bowie, Metallica, Beastie boys, Public enemy. Moby tours extensively, having played over 3 shows in his career. His music has also been used in hundreds of different films, including “Fight”, “Any Sunday”, “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “The Beach”. Moby works with many different charities, including the US Humane Society and the Institute for Music and Neurological Functions. Based on materials from the sites,  

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