7 things you must have in your bedroom

One of the ways to change your life for the better is to follow Feng Shui in an apartment setting. For starters, at least the rooms! Your room contains your personal Chi energy. Consider what needs to be in the bedroom of each person from the point of view of Chinese geomancy.

One-piece double mattress (in case you are not sleeping alone)

A full size mattress is essential for couples. It often happens that a double bed consists of two separate mattresses, which, from the point of view of Feng Shui, is not good. A gap between mattresses can contribute to separation from a spouse (or partner), in addition, cause health problems. Separate mattresses prevent the unification of energies between the couple.

Essential oil

The wonderful aromas of essential oils have healing properties. Lavender, neroli and cedar oils are especially recommended. They relax and soothe after a long day.

Black tourmaline and light quartz

Both of these stones together, like yin and yang, provide balance, clarity and protection in the bedroom. Black Tourmaline grounds, protects and cleanses the bedroom from electromagnetic influences that interfere with our sleep and healing. Place four black tourmaline stones at the four corners of your bed or bedroom. Place one quartz stone in the middle of the bedroom to balance the energy.

Black notebook and red pen

Our brain is in constant analysis of affairs and events, plans for the next day, and this is what you need to move away from when going to bed. A diary or notebook is the right tool to record everything you need before bed. Why black and red? Black represents knowledge and wisdom that you want to write down and remember. Red ink, in turn, protects, favors and gives a little magic to thoughts.

Fabric for covering electrical appliances

If your bedroom has a computer TV and other electronics, use a nice, neutral fabric to cover the screen while you sleep.


Green plants produce restorative energy into space. Green is not only soothing to the eyes, but, according to research, promotes healing. Plants are silent healing creatures that share good energy with us. On a physical level, plants provide oxygen and eliminate carbon monoxide along with other harmful substances in the air.

Pair of nightstands

Bedside tables do not have to be the same, but there should be two of them, if possible. In order to place bedside tables, you also need free space on both sides of the bed. Thus, you send your intention to the Universe about the harmony and balance of relationships. In terms of healing, when the bed is close to the wall, then the part of the body located against the wall does not have the ability to heal itself. If we consider the ideal picture, then Chi energy should flow freely from all sides around you (top, them, sides) in order to ensure healing and restoration during sleep.

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