Street food in St. Petersburg: vegan food in a hurry


If you are walking around the center of St. Petersburg (heading to the Summer Garden, for example) and you realize that it would be nice to have a bite to eat, just ask me. I will slightly shift my hat to one side, scratch my head thoughtfully, and then stretch out the finger of my graceful tanned hand:

– Along the Nevsky, then to the left along the Fontanka, then immediately to the right into the arch – there you are! Happy way!

And be sure, if you do not confuse anything, you will find yourself there – in the heart of St. Petersburg,

Yoga hostel and veg cafe RA-Food – another baby of the young, well-known St. Petersburg wellness group RA-Family bro (you can follow current events using the hashtag #thiswellnesschild). Here you can have a great time (RA-Fontanka – a cafe and a yoga hostel in one person) and eat. Burgers in light style with an abundance of fresh herbs and juicy vegetables. I didn’t have enough tofu, vegan cheese or mushrooms, but I’m a glutton and a picky eater, and a wellness girl will be happy. I was treated to a tomato burger, my husband – with barbecue sauce. The difference is in the sauce and vegetable supplement. Lentil cutlet – good cutlet. One sadness – the declared soup of the day was still being cooked, although the time was tending to six. “What soups do you serve?” I asked the cook. He hesitated and did not answer. So strange! Perhaps I just struck him with my beauty and he became numb, poor fellow 🙂

Kids will definitely like it here – moms, keep in mind! A special children’s toilet (come in and feel like a giant), hemp chairs, walls with portraits of superheroes – everything the kids love. Plus a healthy alternative to your favorite burgers.

In the neighborhood, , there is another burger – “Jiva Burgers Hare Krishna Café”. As you may have guessed by the name, the hosts are devoted Vaishnavas, but! No one will turn you into a Krishnaite and no one will force you to sing mantras. Pleasant service and surprise with a super burger. We came here five times, and this (I think so!) Is a compliment to the establishment.

The recipes are copyrighted, shrouded in trade secrets, so you don’t even have to ask how they manage to bake such a wonderful bun – nothing will come of it! I know one thing: the food is prepared without the use of yeast, onions, garlic, mushrooms and vinegar. The bread is baked in the same place, which guarantees freshness. You can assemble a burger based on your taste preferences – the menu has four types of buns (tomato-Italian, Indian with spices, spicy with asafoetida and a fitness version with flax and bran) and several cutlet variations from cereals and legumes. If desired, you can add seitan, fried Adyghe cheese or grilled tofu, as well as sauces and toppings. Hungry and cold will enjoy the soup of the day with an addition and non-alcoholic mulled wine. Speaking of cold weather. In the fall, pumpkin puree soup traditionally appears, so run and warm yourself!

According to the cafe owner Marina Minina, the main secret of Hare Krishna burgers (like the rest of the food) is that it is prasadam – food prepared for God and offered to God with special mantras. Also, prasadam is prepared with the highest standards of purity, which personally pleases me very, very much. And, if anyone cares, prasad spiritualizes consciousness and improves karma! 🙂

The next stop is wildly dangerous! And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

located ethical food shop “Horizontal”. My husband and I grab a couple of rolls and run to enjoy. It’s really tasty and satisfying! How the guys manage to cook gourmet dishes from standard products familiar to every vegan – tofu, seitan, mushrooms and seasonal vegetables – is a mystery to me personally.

“We have such delicious food because we cook for ourselves, for friends and for people who are looking for new tastes. It is an incredible pleasure to surprise people with delicious food. We are a cooperative, and we believe that any production or enterprise, be it catering or any other activity useful to a person, with proper self-organization and without any bosses, managers and directors, is capable of producing goods and services of much higher quality. In this case, you are honest with yourself and those people for whom you work. Responsibility is the mother of anarchy!”

In the autumn, Horizontal promises to introduce several new positions from the experimental charity weeks to the permanent menu – this is the classic American burger “Slut Joe with Idaho Potatoes” so beloved by everyone and the legendary Tempedog with sauerkraut. I almost forgot: in Horizontally, a free price for fruit drinks is practiced – it’s so sweet. 

Another cool twist and… Falafel King! Yes, I read accusations of unsanitary conditions and rudeness of waiters, but! This is some cool falafel! Perhaps this food cannot be called healthy (street food is not a bit about health, IMHO), but you will remember this falafel for a lifetime. Therefore, there are queues, therefore there are already three points around the city: one on Zagorodny Prospekt – you can even sit there, the second on the Sennaya Market (go through the Sennaya shopping mall, go outside bypassing the Pirogovy yard and you will be happy) and the third, brand new, has recently opened on Kamennostrovsky avenue, 22, I have not reached there yet.

We usually take a standard falafel in pita bread and have a feast with a mountain. We do not need any soups and salads (they are on the menu) – we are already full. The prices are budget, the hosts are hospitable – always smiling, waving. 

PS Falafel lovers, check out Bodriy Nut on Vasilevsky Island or Mokhovaya. Or drop by Bekitzer. Happy app.


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