Pork tongue: how to clean it properly? Video

Pork tongue: how to clean it properly? Video

Pork tongue is somewhat inferior in popularity to beef tongue, but you can also cook many delicious dishes from it. The only difficulty is that cleaning the pork tongue is very troublesome.

Pork tongue: how to clean?

Pork tongue in olive sauce with herbs, wine gravy or fresh vegetables is a great option for a second meal. The language belongs to the category of dietary dishes, it is not fat and has a very small amount of calories, but it is rich in vitamins B and E, therefore it is recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. Pork tongue should also be eaten by those who have low hemoglobin or liver problems: the lecithin contained in the tongue helps to cope with ailments.

It is better to purchase pork tongue from trusted suppliers. The fact is that the older the stabbed individual was, the longer it will take to boil its tongue and the more difficult it is then to remove the rough skin from it.

Please note that a raw tongue is not peeled; you can only remove the skin after boiling.

You will need:

  • pan
  • pig tongue
  • Bay leaf
  • pepper fragrant

Rinse your tongue in running water and immerse it in a pot of cold water for 30-40 minutes. After this time, change the water and put your tongue on fire. You need to cook the product for 40-50 minutes, periodically removing the foam from the water surface. For 10-15 minutes until cooked, salt the broth and toss in a couple of leaves of lavrushka and allspice.

The tongue itself is salted after the skin is removed.

Use a tong or trident to remove the pork tongue and place immediately under cold running water. With one hand, grasp the base of the tongue, and with the other, pry off the skin that has peeled off during cooking and gently pull towards the tip of the tongue so that cold water gets between the body of the tongue and the skin to be torn off.

You need to brush your tongue quickly while it is hot. As the product cools, the skin will become more difficult to remove, so you can periodically dip your tongue into boiling water.

It happens that thin parts of the hide cannot be removed using the described method. In this case, you can cut them off with a sharp knife or try to scrape them off with a stiff cheek.

In the latter case, do not forget to dip the product in boiling water.

How to clean a baking tongue

If you want to cook a baked tongue, then the skin will have to be cut off. This is not an easy matter, because the raw tongue strives to jump out of your hands, substituting your fingers under the knife.

Experienced housewives recommend holding a wet tongue by the tip with a waffle towel or lint-free napkin. This will save your hands and prevent the product from sliding. If you can’t clean it, do not be afraid to boil your tongue and pull off the skin: the taste will not change, and you will have to bake less.

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