Why should you give up sugar?

There is a fairly well-known saying: “Sugar is white death”, and there are certain grounds for such a conclusion. This article presents several reasons for giving up sugar. 1. Sugar is not food, but empty calories with extremely low nutritional value. It promotes the removal of vitamins from vital organs in an attempt to process sugar. 2. Sugar increases weight. Adipose tissues store a large number of calories contained in sugar. This inevitably leads to weight gain. 3. Negative effect on the nervous system. A clear relationship has been found between excessive sugar intake and disorders such as anxiety, depression and even schizophrenia due to high levels of insulin and adrenaline. 4. Destruction of dental health. Increases the growth of bacteria in the mouth that destroy the enamel. The biggest problem is that many popular toothpastes contain sugar. 5. Wrinkle formation. High sugar intake damages collagen.

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