8 places in the world where a vegetarian should visit

If you are a vegetarian, want to travel to exotic places, but are afraid of being able to keep your diet, then this article is for you! Plan to spend your vacation where vegetarianism is at its peak. Don’t worry, there are more and more places in the world where plant-based eating is not a problem. On the contrary, the diet of vegetarians often only benefits from travel.

Before I started my trip to one of Kenya’s national reserves, I thought my diet would consist of protein bars, bread and bottled water. But everything turned out for the best. Meals on the safari were organized according to the buffet principle – each dish had a label with the name and composition. All vegetable dishes were grouped in one part of the dining room. Filling the plate was easy. They were also offered, which you could take with you and drink during the day.

The least visited, but the most colorful Australian resort of Uluru is a real desert, where travelers stop near a magnificent cliff. My choice fell on the Sails Hotel, which offers vegetarian options for breakfast. The restaurant at the Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge surprised me with a large selection of vegetables, fries and salads. The Kulata Academy Cafe in the town square was a great place to eat, and the Ayers Wok Noodle bar was full of vegan Thai food. But my greatest pleasure was sitting in the Ayers Wok Noodle, an open-air restaurant in the desert where diners sip cocktails while watching the sunset, where the spirit of Australia permeates, where folklore and astronomy merge under the starry sky.

A feature of traveling on the Seventh Continent is the restriction – only a cruise on a ship. Therefore, it is better to check the services offered in advance so as not to get into trouble in the icy desert. Some cruise lines (check out the Quark Express!) go through the peninsula and the pass and specialize in wellness, with a wide range of services from on deck.

This is where I spent most of my youth and I know how hard it is to imagine South America and vegetarianism together. Despite the local traditional dishes of meat and poultry, food in Colombia is mostly natural and organic. occupy a central place in the diet of Colombians. Today there are new vegan-friendly restaurants in Bogotá, and even a vegan version of the classic Colombian dish has been created.

The country of meat and potatoes and vodka is actually more suitable for vegetarians than many others. Vegetarian restaurants thrive in Moscow, with the fanciest and most pompous located near Red Square. A nation with a rich and turbulent history, Russia is one of the most attractive places in the world, where historical monuments literally crowd each other, where the nightlife is as vibrant as in New York and Miami. Here you can observe such a unique phenomenon as white nights. In addition to borscht, Lenten dishes are offered throughout the country: (a vegetable version of the popular Russian herring dish).

As a rule, the cold climate favors heavy, hearty foods that help keep you warm. Iceland is no exception. However, here you can find various. The locals boast that thanks to the volcanic soil, the most delicious crops grow on their land.

And huge water parks, and indoor ski slopes – all this is present in Dubai. Travelers have all the prerequisites to work up a good appetite. The Middle Eastern nation welcomes vegetarian food, and one can easily buy one for lunch. Overeating with hummus and baba ghanoush, you must definitely leave room in the stomach for (sweet bread) and (pistachio pudding).

The island nation off the coast of South India is on the must-see list for the vegan traveler for many reasons. Unspoilt wildlife, gorgeous beaches, a mixture of Indian, Southeast Asian and Sri Lankan cultures make it a unique site. While it is easy to assume that Sri Lankan cuisine is similar to South Indian cuisine, the food in this country has its own personality, but is ideal for vegetarians. Rice dishes, curries and local vegetable masterpieces … All over the country, tourists can enjoy the smell of which wafts from all corners of the country.

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