Telegram channels about mindfulness, healthy eating and self-knowledge

A bright positive channel about an ethical lifestyle. Here you will find delicious vegan recipes, helpful tips and energizing shots of the channel owner – a vegan and simply beautiful girl Katya. The channel is young, but promising – in the Russian-speaking vegan community, every source counts! 


Conscious Raw Food is a blog about healthy eating, veganism and living food. Every day, useful articles are published on the channel on how to choose fruits and vegetables, whether it is worth trusting analyzes, how to answer questions from meat-eaters and other interesting materials. The channel will definitely be useful to those who are just starting their journey in a healthy diet, as well as to everyone who wants to learn something new. 


The telegram channel of the same name by Olya Malysheva, the creator of the Salatshop healthy lifestyle blog. On ytv, Olya shares her personal insights, photos of dishes that don’t make it to other social networks, talks about delicious Moscow restaurants and the healthiest snacks. Subscribe so you don’t forget to drink another glass of water, get on your yoga mat, and don’t miss any new interesting content on the main blog. 


Opening the channel of Lara, a magical girl from Berlin, is like entering the home of your soul. In her telegram, the girl shares her experience and feelings, she can calm her down, recommend several articles on psychology and mindfulness, share a soulful playlist or inspiring pictures with coffee, breakfasts and beautiful Berlin. Inspiration and love are heard literally in every publication – for this Lara is loved by more than 8 thousand of her readers. The girl touches on the topics of mutual assistance and relationships between people, which every person should learn more about.


The channel of the creator of the inspirational project Your Om Daria Beloglazova, with whom we recently. On the channel, Daria shares her thoughts about unconditional love and life without drama, recommends films and series with meaning, talks about meditation, awareness and acceptance of the world. Aerial shots and meaningful quotes make each of her 5 readers a little happier. 

Unfinished business and huge to-do lists cause stress for any of us. When you don’t know where to start and how to end, there’s no time for meditation and self-knowledge. The 365done project was created to solve the problem of scheduling and lists. Its founder, Varya Vedeneeva, actively practices sorting out all the events and events in life – important and not so important – and shares her successes in the telegram channel. The website has a lot of checklists that you can download for free and print out, including checklists for personal care, wardrobe sorting, healthy eating, tracking water consumption and other useful lists. 


The Telegram channel of our Vegetarian portal is the surest way to learn about all the news in the field of a healthy lifestyle. Here you will find interesting articles, announcements and news about vegetarianism and mindfulness, as well as recipes, helpful tips and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Subscribe soon! 


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