Monotrophic raw food diet

Monotrophic raw food diet or raw food Is a food system in which one type of product is eaten in its original form at one meal. For any person who seeks to get as close as possible to nature and natural existence in harmony with the environment, it should be clear that raw mono-eating is the most common and most adequate way of nutrition for any living creature in the wild. Animals do not cook their food, and you will hardly see an elephant or a chimpanzee slicing a salad of greens and vegetables flavored with olive oil for lunch.

And the point is not at all that animals lack intelligence for all sorts of culinary delights. Every living product contains enzymes that help to digest this particular type of food. And for different types of enzymes, the lifespan is quite different. Any dietitian will tell you that fruits, vegetables, nuts, and greens take different amounts of time to be digested. For example, it takes no more than an hour to digest an apple, while nuts and seeds remain in the human body for several hours.

If a person consumes these types of foods at the same time, then the resulting mishmash in the body prevents enzymes from doing their job. As a result, the fruits are in the stomach for much longer than the prescribed time and begin to ferment. There are many scientific papers on nutritional separation that list the most and least compatible foods. But, then studying complex and confusing tables – isn’t it easier to stop mixing different types of products with each other?

Of course, in reality, everything turns out to be not so simple. The reason for this is our psychological dependence on food. When switching to a raw food diet, we crave raw food cakes with a delicate texture and interesting combinations of tastes, mouth-watering multi-colored salads seasoned with oil and spices, dried fruits with their rich sweet taste. In addition to the fact that these eating habits affect our health – they take time for cooking and washing dishes, make us buy sophisticated tools for chopping and drying vegetables, look for expensive and inaccessible products for a new super tasty dish.

Therefore, a monostrophic raw food diet is suitable for people who are serious about cleansing not only their body but also their mind. To reduce the likelihood of raw food disruptions, you need to get your body and your mind in order. This is facilitated by an active lifestyle, sports, and spiritual practices. It is not necessary to profess any religion – it is enough just to live in harmony and love with the world around you and yourself. Study your body and your mind, learn to listen – and over time, the body itself will tell you what it needs.

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