International Protest Day Against Procter & Gamble

“You pay for animal torture if you buy products tested on animals”


Quite often in everyday life, we ourselves, unknowingly and unwillingly, support cruelty. Who hasn’t heard of Procter & Gamble, who hasn’t bought its products?

“The true secret of women’s victories!” – proclaims to us an advertisement for the deodorant “Secret” produced by Procter and Gamble. Everything would be fine, but neither the advertisement of this deodorant, nor any other, not a word about the ugly secret of this multinational corporation – cruel experiments on animals.

Procter & Gamble kills at least 50000 animals every year – in order to make new, slightly improved versions of washing powder, bleach, or some other means that are by no means the most vital. No matter how scary it may sound, but in our progressive era, in the third millennium, a means for washing plumbing is more important than the life of a living being.

When Head & Shoulders or Pantin Pro V shampoo gets in our eyes, we quickly wash that little drop out of our eyes because we feel uncomfortable. But this shampoo hurt another living being even earlier, and much more than you. You got a small drop, and a whole teaspoon of shampoo was poured into the eye of an albino rabbit. You washed it off, and the rabbit had no way to get rid of this burning, viscous liquid: firstly, he does not have tear secretion, and secondly, he was immobilized. When the eye burns, even a minute seems like an eternity. Meanwhile, a rabbit has shampoo on its eye for three weeks… Some animals break their spines and necks when they try to break free and run away. This savagery is called the industrial Draize test.

The advertisement constantly emphasizes that people who do not use Fairy dishwashing detergent are missing out on a lot. (time, opportunity to have fun, money, etc.). Perhaps, however, these “unadvanced” people, without realizing it, are doing a good thing for animals: they do not buy “Fairy” and thus do not support the forced “feeding” of rats and guinea pigs with dishwashing detergent. When you eat too much heavy food, you experience heaviness in the stomach, sometimes even taking medicine to improve digestion. Can you imagine what would happen to you if someone injected you with a liter of “Fairy” through a probe?!

Comet powder says “Use with gloves” because it causes hand irritation. Just irritation of the skin of the hands causes pain and discomfort. And imagine what rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats experience when they remove their skin and rub this very “Komet” into their wounds. Remember your childhood: how you cried when you fell on the pavement and hurt your knees. Only no one rubbed a plumbing cleaner into your wounds.

In the terrible, tragic year of 1937, during the interrogation of innocently detained people, the following torture was used: the detainee was put in a room full of stinking gas and not released until he confessed to a crime he did not commit. And Procter & Gamble imprisons animals in boxes that are filled with vapors of the products they are testing. Puppies, kittens, rabbits fight in agony and gradually suffocate. No matter how fresh the Myth powder and Lenore conditioner give the laundry, no matter how confident you feel after using the Secret deodorant, you should know that innocent living beings died because of these smells.

Nowadays, the public is increasingly protesting against such cruelty. Procter & Gamble, not wanting to lose consumers, keeps saying it wants to stop animal testing, even proclaiming itself the world leader in humane alternative research. But they don’t go further than empty promises, the numbers speak for themselves: in 5 days, the corporation spends more on advertising than they spent on studying humane testing methods in 10 long years. In addition, Procter & Gamble carefully conceals the exact number of its animal victims.

2002 – England becomes the first country in the world to ban animal testing to test the safety of cosmetics. Since 2009, cosmetic animal testing has been banned in the European Union Since 2013, the Council of Europe introduces a ban on the import of animal-tested cosmetics into Europe.

Great Britain made such a humane decision even earlier – in 1998. More than 600 companies around the world do not test their products on animals. Some of them from the very beginning used only humane methods for testing ingredients and products (cell cultures, computer models), others used to be tested on animals, and then took a solemn oath not to harm any living creature again. The quality of the goods of these firms most often is not inferior to the quality of Procter and Gamble.

If you buy the products of these firms, you say “Yes” to modern, humane and more reliable experiences. At the same time, you are dealing a just blow to cruel, lazy conservative companies like Procter & Gamble in the most vulnerable place – in the bank account.

Remember that every box of Ariel or Tide you buy, every pack of Tampax or Allway, every tube of Blend-a-Honey is funding cruel and senseless animal experiments.

If you purchase Procter & Gamble products, you are helping to stop the breathing of our little brothers forever, and if you purchase products from ethical companies, you are helping to stop cruelty.

*World Procter & Gamble Protest Day has been held every 3rd Saturday in May since 1997.

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