Liver cleaning with folk remedies

Despite the fact that habitual food products are used to cleanse the liver, the procedure itself is a serious test for the body. Therefore, it must be performed after consultation with a therapist or a narrow specialist and the exclusion of contraindications for them for cleansing the liver.

In addition, do not forget about the preliminary preparation for the cleaning procedure, on which not only the result depends, but also the state of health of the person who conducts it. If all the recommendations of experts are taken into account, you can start choosing a method. At the initial stages, in order to avoid serious health problems, it is worth choosing the most gentle ones.

Therefore, if you are seriously interested in this issue, be sure to first read our first article from this section for general information on cleansing the liver.

Tubage cleaning

Tubage helps to cleanse the biliary tract and eliminate bile stagnation, although it does not remove stones at the same time. To cleanse the body with it, you can:

  • It is easy to have dinner in the evening, but not later than 19.00. After 3 hours, drink 1 glass of water mixed with 1 tbsp. l. sorbitol and go to bed with a warm heating pad on your side (in the area of ​​the liver). The latter can remain in place all night. The procedure should be repeated initially for 7 days, and then 3 more times every 7 days (that is, once a week).
  • Another way is to use clean warm water. It should be drunk on an empty stomach (only 0,5 glass is enough). After 30 minutes, you need to take another 0,5 cups of water and dissolve 1 tbsp. l. honey. Drink the finished drink and lie on the bed for an hour and a half with a warm heating pad in the liver area. After that, you need to take a deep breath, sit down several times and go to breakfast.

It should be noted that cleaning with tubages is ideal as a prophylactic agent, which is resorted to once every 1-3 months.

Peeling with beets

This method is considered sparing, however, quite effective. To perform it, prepare:

  • 2 medium-sized beets;
  • clean water – 3,5 liters;
  • an electric heating pad.

The method involves the preparation of beet broth, for which:

  1. 1 Well washed beets, together with the peel and tail, are lowered into a large container, 1 liter of water is poured and the level that the water reaches at that moment is remembered. For the most accurate result, you can use a ruler.
  2. 2 Then add another 2 liters of water and leave the container to simmer over low heat until the water in it drops to the marked level. In other words, you should get the right amount of broth as a result – 1 liter.
  3. 3 After cooking, the beets are removed, ground into a fine grater with a peel and returned to water, in which it will languish for another 20 minutes.
  4. 4 The resulting product is cooled and filtered.

For cleaning, one and a half or 2 hours after breakfast, drink 150 ml of broth, lie on the right side, having previously placed a heating pad under it, and remain in this position for 30 minutes. After this time, you should do light exercise or do some housework to provide yourself with minor physical activity. After 2 hours, you can have lunch, and after another 2 hours you can drink beet broth again.

Fortnight daily use of this remedy can effectively cleanse the liver and improve well-being.

Cleaning with olive oil

Any vegetable oil is a storehouse of healthy fats that have a beneficial effect on liver function. They have a choleretic effect and are actively used in traditional medicine. In addition, the scheme of the preventive course is extremely simple: daily on an empty stomach, 0,5 hours before meals, you should drink 30 ml of olive oil. For maximum efficiency of the procedure, it is worth choosing one that was made using cold-pressed technology.

If desired, you can add grapefruit or lemon juice to the oil (just 10 ml is enough).

The recommended course of this cleansing is 21 days.

System cleaning

Before performing it, you should first cleanse the large intestine, which will have a beneficial effect on neighboring organs. Procedure rules:

  • You can start it only if there are no blockages and constipation in the intestines. The intestine itself should be as clean as possible, since stagnant bile and bilirubin stones in this case come out through the anus, thereby preventing the risk of re-infection of the body.
  • Olive oil, if desired, is replaced with refined sunflower oil. Other oils are unacceptable.
  • Before performing the procedure, it is advisable to switch to a vegetarian diet, if necessary, you can use urine therapy.
  • The success of the cleansing depends on its biological timing. In other words, from 01.00 to 03.00, when repeating the cycle from 13.00 to 15.00 in the afternoon. True, experts say that in this case the result will be worse.
  • A beneficial effect is not possible without self-confidence and good mood before performing the procedure.
  • You need to be prepared for the fact that during the cleaning process, soft stones, cholesterol stones (they resemble elements of the bodies of worms), bilirubin the size of a green walnut can come out of the body.

A course of treatment:

  1. 1 On the first day, you should do an enema, and then drink fresh apple juice in any volume until the evening.
  2. 2 The second day is to repeat everything.
  3. 3 The third day – the procedure is the same, but apple juice should be drunk only until 13.00 (it is believed that at this time the liver relaxes). Then you need to go to bed, after putting a heating pad on the liver zone and drink 15 tbsp every 3 minutes. l. olive oil and 3 tbsp. l. lemon juice strictly in the specified sequence. After 2 hours, the heating pad can be removed.

As a rule, the body is cleansed three times a day. If urinotherapy was used, the slags come out after 5 hours for the first time, after 7 hours for the second time and after 11 hours for the third time.

After the third visit to the restroom, you should do an enema and eat porridge, fruit or drink juice. After 12 hours, the enema can be repeated.

For another 7 days after that, it is worth adhering to vegetarian dietary principles. At this time, the body will continue to cleanse itself, and the feces will acquire a light color.

For the first time, this procedure is performed once every 1 months. After a year, once every 1 months will be enough. Patients with gallstones who perform cleansing will also benefit from eating 12 lemons a day. Moreover, they can be grinded with sugar or seasoned with honey. You need to eat the fruits for 4 days.

Peeling oats

An incredibly healthy product, enriched primarily with B vitamins, oats are widely used in the prevention of liver diseases. Traditional healers know at least 10 recipes for preparing medicinal products with its use, meanwhile, among people who practice self-cleaning the liver, those that involve the use of decoctions from unprocessed grains are especially popular.

To prepare them, take 1 glass of oats and 3 liters of clean hot, but not boiled water (about 85 degrees). They are mixed in a thick-walled container and placed in an oven preheated to 150 degrees for 2 hours. Then the dishes are taken out, wrapped in warm clothes and left in a warm place for 12 hours. The resulting broth remains to strain and squeeze the grains.

You need to take the broth strictly according to the instructions:

  • the first 7 days, 50 ml one third of an hour before meals;
  • from the 8th day, the volume of drunk is increased daily by 5 ml, gradually bringing to 140 ml, drunk on the 25th day;
  • from day 26, drink 140 ml for 5 weeks.

In this way, cleaning course takes 2 months and, if all recommendations are followed, it allows you to achieve good results.

Rosehip cleaning

To carry it out, a rosehip infusion is prepared:

  1. 1 3 tbsp. l. berries are poured into 0,5 liters of hot water and closed in a thermos;
  2. 2 in the morning, add 3 tbsp to a glass of broth. l. sorbitol and mix thoroughly.

Drink the infusion immediately in one gulp on an empty stomach. After 20 minutes, the pure remaining infusion is finished without any additives (without sorbitol). After another 45 minutes, they have breakfast with a salad of juicy fruits or vegetables, nuts, an infusion of rose hips, currants or raspberry leaves. If desired, a slice of toasted bread is allowed.

The success of the procedure lies in increased activity. During its implementation, in between meals, you should move a lot. The main thing is not to go far from the restroom.

Initially, cleaning is carried out 6 times every third day. In other words, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday and Friday. After the course, only 1 time per week or less is enough.

The advantage of such a procedure is in additional cleansing of the lymph nodes of the liver, which has a positive effect on the functioning of the whole organism.

Cleaning radish

For the procedure, you need to prepare 10 kg of radish. They are thoroughly washed, removing all kinds of damage, and crushed in a meat grinder without removing the peel. Juice is squeezed out of the resulting gruel (in the end, about 3 liters are obtained). The cake is not thrown away, but mixed with sugar in the following proportions: 1 kg of product per 0,5 kg of sugar, and put away in a warm place under a heavy load.

Drink juice in a teaspoon one hour after eating. If discomfort or pain in the liver area is not observed, the dose is increased to 1 tbsp. l., gradually bringing to 0,5 cups.

The manifested pain in the liver may indicate that there are too many stones and salts in the ducts. In order to bring them to this zone, apply a warm heating pad. According to people who have tried this method, discomfort and pain are observed at the initial stage of the procedure, after which it disappears. This is due to the fact that salts are gradually excreted from the body, improving its general condition.

It is extremely important to exclude from your diet while consuming radish juice:

  • sharp;
  • sour;
  • fatty;
  • starchy foods, such as flour, rice, oats, buckwheat, corn;
  • meat, fish, eggs.

Ideally, the menu should be vegetarian during this period, then good results will appear very quickly.

Interestingly, Academician B.V. Bolotov also advises to use the cake after the juice runs out. Enough 1 – 3 tbsp. l. while eating. By this time, the cake will be already sour, but it should be taken until the time it ends.

It is believed that this procedure has a positive effect on lung tissue and cardiovascular system.

Melon peeling

You should be well prepared for this procedure. To do this, 14 days before it, you need to give up:

  • alcohol, drugs, fast food, as they poison the body;
  • smoked products;
  • meat and meat products, as well as fish, eggs, dairy products, bakery and pasta. In other words, you should stick to a vegetarian diet and eat mostly raw or boiled vegetables.

In addition, buckwheat, rice, potatoes, hot green tea with lemon are suitable during this period, since the latter cleanses both the liver and the pancreas. You need to drink it a lot (at least 6 glasses a day).

The course of treatment is 14 days… The main product of the treatment is dark green melon. It differs from others in its oblong shape. They eat it from 07.00 to 22.00 in any quantity, most importantly, regularly. For example, in 5 – 6 receptions. Green tea is allowed from drinks. You can also drink it in any quantity. Eating or drinking is prohibited after 22.00 pm.

After 14 days, you should switch to your usual diet gradually, within 3 days. For this:

  1. 1 On the first day, they eat 2 small slices of dry white bread with warm tea, at lunchtime – half a glass of rice boiled in water, for dinner – 2 crackers with tea. During the day, it is allowed to drink grape juice from dark varieties of berries – about 1 liter.
  2. 2 On the second day, boiled vegetables are added for dinner.
  3. 3 On the third day, vegetables are eaten at lunchtime, also adding a small piece of boiled chicken. Breakfast and dinner are the same.

After that, you can gradually return to the previous diet, the main thing is to exclude alcohol, smoked meats, fast food from it, and not to abuse meat and meat products.

Summing up the above, it is worth noting that any of these methods allows you to get good results only if you follow all the rules for its implementation, as well as general recommendations for cleansing the liver. In order to avoid troubles, before using them, you should definitely visit a specialist, including in order to exclude the presence of allergies to any of the components of medicinal broths, drinks, infusions.

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