Tips for Vegan Travelers

Always take a few snacks with you

You can’t take a lot of food with you on a plane, and snacks are a great option that does not take up much space and weighs little. And if, during a walk through an unfamiliar city, you have not found vegan establishments anywhere, nutritious, snacks, again, can help you out.

Look for fruit and nut bars

Most of us have our favorite brands of products, but they are not always found in other cities and countries. Look for snacks with a minimal amount of ingredients, in particular, fruit and nut. Among them, you will most likely find something that is suitable for vegans and discover new tastes.

Enrich your vocabulary

Find out in advance how the language of the country you are traveling to sounds like “vegan”, “vegetarian” and “dairy”, etc. Be careful! In French, for example, the difference of one letter between the words “vegetarian” and “vegan” is almost invisible. 

Végétarien = vegetarian

Vegan = веган

Look for The Vegan Society brand

The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark is a globally recognized symbol that lets you know that a particular product is suitable for a vegan lifestyle. The Vegan Society is the oldest vegan charity in the world – you can be sure that this symbol can be trusted, while other brands may have less stringent rules.

Wander the street markets

In the most ordinary markets, you will find many fresh, delicious, natural vegan products. And it’s amazing how much better food tastes when it’s waiting for you right on the counter and sold by weight, rather than stored at the grocery store in a jar or packaged with preservatives. Don’t forget to enjoy staples like bread and peanut butter Of course, it’s fun to discover new foods while traveling, but don’t forget about staples as well. Their taste changes depending on where you are, and it’s great to feel the difference in something familiar.

Take the risk of trying an unfamiliar dish

If you manage to find a 100% vegan place, take the risk of ordering a dish completely unfamiliar to you. It’s a risk, but also an adventure that’s almost always worth it.

Turn off the main street

Experience shows that great vegan establishments are often “hidden” in the alleys. You can rely on helpful apps to tell you where vegans can eat nearby, but it’s always fun to make these discoveries on your own.

Wondering where to go in Europe? Visit Germany!

Currently, quality vegan cuisine already exists in most countries. But for a country known for its sausage, Germany has a particularly impressive variety of vegan establishments and dishes. There you can find very creative vegan snacks of all kinds, from sandwiches to desserts.

Traveling vegan is not difficult and extremely interesting! You can find both vegan counterparts to traditional dishes and completely original vegan dishes. Use your imagination, take risks – you’ll have something to talk about at home!

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