How useful is red currant and who can’t eat it

Probably, there is no suburban area, wherever was found a Bush of red currants. Clusters of berries that play in the sun like precious stones, aromatic and very sour taste.

For the nutritional and curative properties of black currants is one of the most valuable crops. But as it contains much acid, it is rarely used fresh.

The first currants we begin to gather at the end of June, the length of the season lasts almost all summer. Red currant feels great on the branches, gaining richness and ripeness.

How to choose red currants

Buying red currants choose whole berries and dry, no smell of fermentation. This berry for a long time is not stored, but perfectly retains all its useful properties when frozen.

How useful is red currant

For heart and metabolism

  • Red currant is very rich in iron, which is so necessary for vessels, and potassium, which has beneficial effects on the heart and removes from the body excess liquid, allowing you to appear more swelling and removes bags under the eyes.
  • It encourages the excretion of excess salts.
  • Acts as a cholagogue, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Due to the high content of pectin, removes cholesterol from the body.

For digestion

  • Red currant awakens the appetite and facilitates the absorption of animal protein.
  • It also increases peristalsis.

However, despite a wide range of useful properties, there are contraindications to the use of red currant juice red currant is contraindicated in gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, acute gastritis and hepatitis, as well as reduced blood clotting, including hemophilia.

How useful is red currant and who can’t eat it

How to use red currants

Red currant has gained widespread use in gastronomy. Prepare sauces for meat and fish dishes, cooked jellies, marmalades, add it to smoothies and bake fragrant pies. Serves wonderful fruit drinks, cook compotes and jellies. You may freeze Red currants, so that in cold time of the year to receive from this wonderful berries all of its beneficial properties.

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