World Vegetarian Day: summing up the past year

— The Government of Canada that will completely abandon the coal industry by 2030 to reduce emissions by 66 tons annually. Initially, the country was going to do it before 2040.

— Mayor of London. Until 2018, all buses must switch to environmentally friendly fuel.

– Public Chamber for collecting information on the main environmental problems dobrodela.rf. Everyone can send their suggestions and topics using a special form on the resource.

— In America, after 146 years of existence of the Ringing brothers. This was due to the efforts of the PETA organization, which has proven cruel animal deaths and other inhumane treatment.

– In Russia, created to encourage regional authorities to eliminate landfills and landfills. The project gives the citizens of the country an online tool through which we can influence the environmental situation. The site has a map on which you can put a new dump site.

– Scientists that an excess of vitamin B4 lead to heart disease. Thus, vegetarians have a new response to the cue: “You do not get B vitamins.”

– In Chicago, which touches on the benefits of plant-based nutrition for human health, the environment and animals, and also shows statistics in detail, according to which up to 51% of greenhouse gases come from livestock.

— Germany for vegetarians and vegans. Moreover, the country is leading the “vegan revolution”.

– Cow’s milk producers that the industry is losing money due to the popularity of plant-based drinks. They have even secured vegan companies on their products.

– Also in the loss of profits due to the industry of vegan alternatives to the animal product, egg producers. According to them, this is the biggest loss in the last decade.

– Scientists have named, to which the consumption of meat leads. Among them are cancer, diabetes, stroke, various infections, Alzheimer’s disease, diseases of the kidneys, respiratory tract and liver.

— Films about veganism. Three films won awards at the 50th annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, the third largest in North America.

– This May, a group of Danish parliamentarians from the Alternative Party and the Red-Green Alliance Party for 22 days (22-day vegan challenge) to show how much damage to our planet is caused by animal husbandry

— The fashion industry has taken a course on vegan products. Finnish brand TAIKAA from Piñatex, a vegan leather material made from pineapple leaves, London shoe company Vivobarefoot made from algae, and in the US for motorcyclists.

– In Australia for VegTrip and V Love vegetarian vacation options. In 2016, Google Trend published a report that the word “vegan” became the most searched diet term on the continent.

– Vegan bodybuilders, winning first place in the Naturally Fit competition in Austin, Texas. Athletes demonstrate by personal example that muscle mass and veganism are compatible things.

— Farmers have begun to switch to the production of fruits, vegetables, grains and other plant products.

is a 17-year-old high school student from Connecticut in which players save animals on farms, in the rainforest, and in circuses. The proceeds from the application will be donated to support the organization for the protection of animals.

— Brunel University London student Imogen Adams and a companion app that will be able to test for the presence of allergens and animal products in food served at food service establishments.

– American researchers that a plant-based diet can delay menopause in women, as well as reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in adulthood.

– Czech Chamber for the purpose of producing fur coats in the country. The initiative was proposed by the chairman of the environmental committee, Robin Boenisch, and received 132 votes of approval. The ban will take full effect on January 31, 2019.

– Argentina’s Casa Rosada (equivalent to the White House in the United States). The residence’s 554 employees, including President Mauricio Macri himself, have decided to eliminate all animal products from their diet once a week.

– The Australian Chamber on the prohibition of animal testing of cosmetics, including shampoo, soap, deodorants and perfume.

– Indian airline that now only vegetarian food will be provided to passengers on board domestic flights. Thus, the management is trying to reduce costs and improve catering services.

— Canadian government for the citizens of the country. The new guidelines now suggest “a regular intake of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and plant-based protein-rich foods.”

– The world famous organization PETA. The list includes actresses Ruby Rose, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Margaret Quigley.

— Vegan trends have touched non-vegan brands as well. The American shoe company Hound & Hummer, Converse – and Keep have released new ones in collaboration with the rock band Real Estate as a sign of the fight for social justice.

The Israeli designer created , to strengthen the global animal compassion movement and unite vegans around the world.

“The automotive industry has also changed. Tesla Motors in their electric vehicles by replacing them with vegan materials. The concern decided to do so before the launch of the long-awaited Model 3, which will also feature a plant-based interior. And Land Rover’s car design director.

– Thanks to the efforts of animal protection organization Animals Australia, the government of Bali, which can be bought completely by chance.

– Lebanon, aimed at protecting domestic and wild animals. Previously, the country was known for the massive trade in rare animals.

— Students at Northeastern Ohio Medical University. All thanks to the efforts of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine!

— Netflix (What’s It About Health), which examines the environmental impact of the livestock industry and explores the link between diet and disease. After watching it, some celebrities, including musician Ne-Yo and racing driver Lewis Hamilton, decided to go vegan.

– In California, obtained by force-feeding ducks and geese. The U.S. District Judge himself spoke out against the brutal practice.

— The efforts of The Vegan Society and its 7-day vegan challenge.

– The famous book by Jonathan Safran Foer “Meat. Eating Animals” courtesy of vegan Natalie Portman.

– Fashion edition of Vogue.

As you can see, this year has been generous with various initiatives, the emergence of ethical products and the addition of new people to the vegetarian movement. The Vegetarian team congratulates readers on the Day of Vegetarianism and thanks for the fact that each of you makes a personal contribution to our common cause!

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