How useful is cocoa with milk


Cocoa beans were discovered by Spanish conquistadors in Peru and Mexico. Initially, they were used not for brewing beverages and as currency. For the first time in Europe cocoa beans appeared in Spain, where they began to prepare hot chocolate, and in 1657, the beverage was first tried in London. That is, almost at the same time, when in England appeared coffee and tea. Since then, cocoa has become a favorite drink for many people.

Cocoa warms us and gives us pleasant minutes of taste enjoyment. But along with this, cocoa is a great benefit for our body

About the benefits of cocoa

The value of cocoa is due to the contained elements.

Fenilefilamin – the most powerful antidepressant: gives perfect mood and give optimism! Doctors recommend to drink hot cocoa to students and pupils during exams, and athletes in preparation for competitions, because this drink perfectly enhances mental and physical activity.

Theobromine gives an invigorating effect, giving energy and increases efficiency. Moreover, it is milder than caffeine in coffee and tea. Therefore, drinking cocoa is good even for those for whom coffee is strictly forbidden.

Iron and zinc – relieve the anemia and problems with blood.

The pigment melanin absorbs the heat rays, and therefore protects the skin from ultraviolet and infrared rays, helping to avoid summer overheating and sunstroke and burns.

Cocoa with milk gives a feeling of satiety, therefore it can and should be drunk by ladies watching their weight. And kiddies in the morning so they don’t have time to get hungry in school!

How useful is cocoa with milk

Who cocoa is contraindicated

Cocoa with milk is not recommended for: people with diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, suffering from gout, uric acid diathesis, diabetes, kidney, and liver. And to drink cocoa with caution is a must for Allergy sufferers and people with increased secretion of gastric juice.

How to cook cocoa with milk

You need cocoa powder, water, sugar, milk, and whisk. Boil water then put cocoa and sugar, and begin to carefully shake it with a whisk. At the very end add the milk, always hot. Remember that the powder must be stirred with a whisk, otherwise, the drink will not be an air-soft, for which we love him so much.

More about coca health benefits watch in the video below:

COCOA POWDER EVERY DAY - Cocoa Powder and Dark Chocolate Health Benefits and Why You Should Have It

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