An excerpt from the introductory part of the book by Zoya Borisova “Preparing for harmonious childbirth. Childbirth is a unique song for every woman”

A spiritual midwife in childbirth tunes in to powerful energy flows that accompany the birth process. Without the feeling of the birth stream, I would not be able to take birth, to see what needs to be done at the moment. Therefore, I often meditate on the feeling of the birth stream, and one day when I did this a lot, I dreamed that I was giving birth in the hospital. 

You can work out your birth clamps in a dream very effectively, because the state in a dream is close to the state during childbirth – this is a borderline state between reality and the otherworldly. Often a woman during childbirth falls asleep for a minute between attempts … In addition to the physical effect of going to sleep during childbirth, there is, of course, its energy component, as well as the spiritual one. Energetically, going to sleep makes it possible to release the flows involved in other areas, clamped in the vice of moral principles. These flows, which a woman has suppressed for the sake of her recognition by society, have tremendous power. Their colossal energy has been misused for centuries, enslaved by social structures, and as a result, pain during childbirth for many women in modern culture. Childbirth enables a woman (and at the same time, by the way, a man who loves her, if we talk about the influence of female erotic energies during childbirth) to release energy flows in order to fully involve them in realizing their own potential. 

I dreamed that this was happening among doctors, because by taking births at home, exploring the topic of natural childbirth and the aspect of raw food in terms of the most natural childbirth, I help midwives who do not have such an opportunity and work in the maternity hospital, I contribute my brick to the common work. In a dream, my activity was symbolically manifested in the fact that at the beginning of childbirth, the medical staff ordered me to go knead the dough – you can imagine how much it may not be up to this in my own childbirth, but I gladly agreed, just consciously maintaining a sense of joy for the sake of a good birth. I thought in my dream: “Despite the fact that I do not eat boiled food, I will willingly cook for others, because the basis of a raw food diet is the joy and acceptance of various aspects of consciousness, and the basis of a good birth is the joy and acceptance of one’s nature.” Also, despite the fact that I do not take births in a maternity hospital and do not support the system of obstetric care that exists now in maternity hospitals, I would be very happy if the work that spiritual midwives are doing around the world would help somehow move from the dead points of view of official medicine. The less mutual misunderstanding, disputes, conflicts will be associated with obstetric care, the more the spirit of research, acceptance and cooperation will prevail over rigidity, inertness, dogmatism, the less we will see cases of difficult births in our practice. After all, women giving birth are very sensitive beings, they catch common mental attitudes and are not protected from the vibrations of the fears of those around them, which can pinch them in childbirth. 

Conditioned in a dream by the situation that I would have to give birth within the walls of the hospital, I set myself the goal not to be distracted by this fact, but to focus on the processes taking place in my body, despite all sorts of external obstacles. In my attention, I did not attach importance to either the opinions of doctors, or their routines and stereotypes. At some point, I realized that there is only me and my feminine energies, which tell me about my unique and inimitable life line and about my bright, magical desires – irrational, not known to anyone except me – but just such, revealing which , I can easily and naturally swim along the waves of the generic stream. It felt like my feminine power flowing from one side of the stream – from the very source of life. My fear of pain and uncertainty about whether I am capable of egocentric and uncompromising behavior in a decisive situation – this is on the periphery, along the banks of the river – they were present somewhere far, far away and felt like zones of consciousness into which I better not “fly out”. In addition, there was a third one – this is the disclosure of my potential, the transformation of female energy – this is already on the other side of the stream – on the side of the sea, or even the ocean of life – that promised ocean, that reward and realization, into which I certainly and deservedly plunge after continuous being in the flow of female generic pulsations. In a dream, I did not divert my precious attention to the orders of doctors, did not come into conflict with them, but on the contrary, I showed my creative potential to the maximum in this situation. Indeed, for the disclosure of female energies, it is precisely constant creative interaction with the surrounding space that is required, creation, the transformation of any situation into force, the conversion of any contradiction in response to a question, the manifestation of the unmanifested, the birth of the unborn, the clarification of darkness, the resurrection of the destroyed … It was important to uncompromisingly, egoistically center around one’s own sensations, I understood that no one but me would bring me out in childbirth. And only by adjusting my consciousness, I can protect myself from alien interference.    I remember how at that moment in my dream the feeling of the birth flow turned on, and with it my intuition, which helps to maintain this feeling and not do too much, not shake the vessel of my body that overflowed with energy. The waves of the birth stream began to direct my body in a dance, in a circular motion, they were so powerful that even after waking up, I felt them all day. Guided by these waves, I began to do in my sleep only that which intensified these sensations, for example, I laid two blankets on the floor for myself: “Strictly to the cardinal points, only this way and not otherwise!” – I felt in a dream, found protective symbolic amulets, began to sing. And all this turned on and strengthened in me the feeling of the birth stream – powerful vibrations passing through the body and making me move and dance. Probably, in reality, I could not be so immersed in the feeling of the birth stream, but I still get goosebumps in my stomach when I remember the vibrations that I experienced during the dive. When I woke up, the feeling of flow through the uterus accumulated and guided me all day. Despite the hospital setting, it was an amazing dream, because in it I became empowered, accepted responsibility for my actions, worked through and realized the fear of being in the hospital for childbirth. I released the energy of the birth stream in a dream, removed the clamps born of fear. Before that, I always had a certain fear of maternity hospitals, which actually prompted me to give birth to a child at home, and then to help other women do it. I knew that I did not have enough egocentrism to defend my interests and the naturalness of the process in the maternity hospital. Therefore, in my heart I bowed before the strength of the spirit of women who managed to give birth quite well in the official walls of maternity hospitals – to break away from the outside world and focus on the solemn event, blocking the fuss and impersonal approach with the holiness of this event. When giving birth in a maternity hospital, not everyone is able to dissolve aggressive interference in personal space in their creative energies. It is no coincidence that a woman has powerful social skills that allow her to confidently interact in a team, while not losing touch with her spiritual nature. This ability is necessary for her to give birth well. It is protected by “self-centeredness”, which in a woman is not aggressive by nature, but is flexible and creative, which, with its irrepressible confidence, gives rise to and reveals new trends in the world. The concentration around female power is not connected with selfishness – on the contrary, a woman tends by nature to be centered around self-denial and the creation of something necessary and useful to the world.    

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