“A World Without Complaints”

Will Bowen, in his project “A World Without Complaints”, talks about how to transform your thinking, become grateful and start living a life free of complaints. Less pain, better health, strong relationships, a good job, serenity and joy… sounds good, doesn’t it? Will Bowen argues that it’s not just possible, but the author of the project – the head priest of the Christian Church in Kansas (Missouri) – challenged himself and the religious community to live 21 days without complaints, criticism and gossip. Will purchased 500 purple bracelets and set the following rules:

Please note that it is about spoken criticism. If you thought about something negative in your thoughts, then it will not be considered. The good news is that when the above rules are followed, complaints and criticism in thoughts will noticeably disappear. To participate in the World Without Complaints project, there is no need to wait for a purple bracelet (if you cannot order it), you can take a ring or even a stone instead. We create ourselves every minute of our lives. The secret is only how to direct your thinking in such a way that it works for us, our goals and aspirations. Your life is a movie written by you. Just imagine: two-thirds of the world’s diseases begin “in the head.” In fact, the word “psychosomatics” comes from – mind and – body. Thus, psychosomatics literally speaks of the relationship between body and mind in illness. What the mind believes, the body expresses. Many studies prove that a person’s existing attitudes about his own health lead to their manifestation in reality. It is also worth clarifying: “A world without complaints” does not imply the absence of them in our lives, just as it does not mean that we should “turn a blind eye” to undesirable events in the world. There are many difficulties, challenges and even very bad things around us. The only question is WHAT do we do to avoid them? For example, we are not satisfied with a job that takes all our strength, a boss who takes the last nerves. Will we do something constructive to make a difference, or (like many) will we continue to complain in the absence of action? Will we be the victim or the creator? The World Without Complaints project is designed to help every person on Earth make the right choice in favor of positive transformation. Having come a long way to 21 days in a row without complaint, you will meet yourself as a different person. Your mind will no longer produce tons of destructive thoughts that it has been so used to for a long time. Since you stop saying them, you will not be investing your precious energy in such thankless thoughts, which means that the “complaint factory” in your brain will gradually close.

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