How to store shelled nuts at home


How to store shelled nuts at home

If you eat just one handful of nuts daily, you will not experience problems with lack of protein, calcium, iron and magnesium. How to store shelled nuts at home? You will learn about this from our article.

How to store shelled nuts at home?

How to store peeled pine nuts

The composition of pine nuts is rich in oils. This figure reaches 65%. That is why they are unsuitable for long-term storage at home. For the purchase of cedar nuts, you need to go after the completion of the collection – September – October. When buying, you must definitely try the nucleolus. The new crop will have a pleasant sweet taste.

The kernels released from the shell are poured into plastic bags and placed on a refrigerator shelf. If this is not possible, then the nuts are poured into any jar with a screw cap and stored on a shelf in the closet.

It is important that the container is stored in the dark.

It is impossible to store nuts for a long time, since they lose not only taste, but also useful properties. Pine nuts are used as an ingredient in salads, meat dishes and baked goods.

How to store peeled hazelnuts

Hazelnuts have the longest shelf life. For packing nuts, you need to use containers with lids. Glass jars are good for this purpose. It is not recommended to use plastic bags. You can also use fabric pouches to store peeled hazelnuts.

Best of all, the taste of nuts is preserved at low temperatures, the kernels can be frozen

It is also worth remembering that when there is a lack of oxygen, the nuts deteriorate and become bitter in taste. Therefore, if there is a choice between jars and cloth bags, then it is better to choose the latter.

If the nuts have a bitter taste, then they need to be used as soon as possible for their intended purpose. Otherwise, the process of separating oils will begin, and the kernels will begin to mold.

How to store shelled walnuts

Duration of storage of peeled walnuts at room temperature does not exceed a month. After this time, they become bitter and dry out.

To preserve the nuts for several months, they need to be stored in the refrigerator. Previously, the kernels must be packed in a food-grade plastic container or in any other container with a lid.

You can extend the storage period by freezing the nuts. The kernels must be packed in bags and placed in the freezer. Storage duration – 1 year

To preserve the taste and benefits of nuts, you must definitely follow the storage rules. Otherwise, the kernels will deteriorate very quickly and acquire an unpleasant aftertaste.

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