6 Methods for Co-education of Children and Parents

One of the main tasks of parents is to give children knowledge as long and better as possible. If you teach your child new things and talk more about the world around him, this will become the foundation for his further independent future. Fortunately, children themselves love to ask questions that the parent must answer and not deny.

Your child thinks you know everything. He sees authority in you. That’s why he asks you about stars, clouds, mountains, letters, numbers and everything else that interests him. But what are you going to answer? It’s good that you have a tool that knows everything: Google. However, the child does not always want to wait while you check the facts on the Internet. You should be an inspiration for your child, answer his questions immediately, intelligibly and clearly.

In order to teach, you must learn. Imagine that your children are empty USB sticks. What will you save on them? Useless information and a bunch of photos or something you need?

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you get another diploma or take any courses. We will tell you about teaching methods that will not take much time, but will make you more competent in the eyes of the child. Moreover, you yourself will spend time with benefit for yourself.

Online Learning

Online courses are great because you can study whenever you want. And whatever you want. Choose a topic that interests you and set aside at least 20 minutes a day for learning. There are many video tutorials, lectures, webinars on the Internet on a variety of topics in various fields. This knowledge can be of benefit not only to you, but also to your child, since you can transfer the acquired knowledge to him.


When your child sees what you are reading, he wants to copy you. You will immediately notice how he grabs his favorite story book and you both enjoy a wonderful quiet time. Stock up on classic literature, magazines with practical life advice, and anything else that interests you. Be sure to also purchase new books for children from time to time that are appropriate for your child’s developmental level, help him develop further on his own, and instill in him the habit of reading.

Foreign languages

Learning foreign languages ​​has never been so easy and accessible as it is today. A huge number of video lessons, online courses, phone apps and websites, and other things help you quickly learn a new language without leaving your home. Foreign languages ​​open your eyes to new cultures, and the process of learning will connect you with more new people around the world. Try to start learning a new language for you with your child, if his level of development already allows it. You will be surprised how interesting and fun it is to do this together!

Exploring different countries and cultures

Do you have a globe or world map at home? If not, be sure to purchase. Try to play with your child in an exciting and educational game.

Have your child close their eyes and point their finger at an area on a map or globe. Mark this area with a marker and start learning together everything about this country or place. Learn about the geography, sights, history, traditions, food, cuisine, people, wildlife of the region. You can even have an evening of this country by preparing a traditional dish and dressing up in similar attire. If a child is in the ocean, learn all about that ocean! These lessons will definitely inspire your child and play a positive role in his life.


Instead of using YouTube to watch clips and videos, subscribe to DIY learning channels. As you develop creativity and make something with your hands, the child will learn these skills and inspirations from you. He is also interested in making and painting a book shelf on his own or assembling a beautiful box from cardboard for a gift to his beloved grandmother.


It’s good to know everything about the latest, classic and documentaries and TV shows. Constantly look for collections of films of all time on various topics and watch them with your child. At least once a month, go to the cinema with your friends or husband/wife to see a new movie. If you think that there is something in the novelty that your child can learn from it, see it in the movies.

When we talk about educating ourselves, we don’t mean reading boring textbooks, articles and testing our knowledge. We are talking about the development of our own and children’s horizons. Knowledge makes you more confident, it helps you answer the child’s questions correctly. Remember that you cannot deceive a child: he feels and understands everything. By educating yourself, you make your child proud of you and strive for more.

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