30 days on raw food: the raw foodist experience

I have long been attracted to a raw food diet, but I never had the courage to switch to it completely. And so, at the beginning of this year, I decided to try eating raw food for a month.

I ate raw food for breakfast and lunch for several days, but for dinner I had processed vegetarian food. Raw foods made up 60-80 percent of my daily diet. I just needed a little push to get to 100 percent. I received it in the form of impressive photos on the site welikeitraw.com.

I decided that the best way to find out if this is really the case is to check it out for yourself. Moreover, in the worst case, if it does not work, you can always go back.

The main thing I found is that eating raw food is not only easy, but also surprisingly pleasant.

At first, it was not easy to resist the temptation of processed food. But, as with any other habit, it is only a matter of time and endurance. In the new year, I decided not to set myself any other goals, but to focus on one and try to eat only raw food for 30 days.

Here are a few things I learned about:

1. Living food.

A fried seed can no longer grow, but a raw one can. Heating products to 47,8 ° C destroys most of the nutrients. In addition, cooking takes away natural vital energy. I think it’s best to keep this energy to yourself.

2. Enzymes.

Cooking food destroys natural enzymes in foods that are needed to break down nutrients. Raw foods help eliminate this “misunderstanding.”

3. Energy charge.

You won’t know until you try it for yourself, but a raw food diet provides an amazing burst of energy. I used to feel tired from 14 to 15 pm. Now there is no such problem.

4. Quite sleep.

After I switched to raw foods, I began to sleep better. But most importantly, I stopped feeling weak and weak after waking up. Lately, I’ve been waking up full of energy.

5. Clarity of thought.

The raw food diet helped me focus on the important things. I felt the wall of thick fog disappear from my mind. I stopped being forgetful and inattentive.

6. Eat as much as you want.

I have never felt discomfort after eating my fill of raw foods. I didn’t get fat and didn’t feel tired.

7. Less washing.

Simply put, after a meal of raw food, there are not many dirty dishes left – after all, you eat mostly whole vegetables and fruits. Although, if you make salads, it will take more time and utensils.

8. No packaging.

Raw food allows you to get rid of a huge number of packages. This means less trash and more free space in your kitchen cabinets and freezer.

9. Nice stool.

Thanks to the raw food diet, you go to the toilet more often – 2-3 times a day. If it happens less frequently, you may have bowel problems. Raw foods contain a lot of fiber, which stimulates the digestive tract.

10. Communication with the earth.

Processed food does not feel as natural and connected to the earth as fresh food.

I would like to point out that you don’t have to switch to a 100% raw food diet to see the benefits. My transition to raw food was not overnight. Prior to that, I had been a vegetarian for 7 years.

You can do everything gradually. Be that as it may, any increase in the amount of raw foods in the diet (for example, vegetables and fruits) will positively affect your health.

I ONLY ate fruits and vegetables for 30 days | raw vegan

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