Soulful and inexpensive gifts for the New Year: 6 ideas

A team from Serpukhov near Moscow makes useful gifts with a soul that you want to share. Ecocubes, growing pencils, a perpetual calendar and many more interesting and unusual things are in our selection. 


Ecocube is a wooden cube, inside of which there is everything to grow a real plant: from seeds and soil to detailed instructions for seedling care. Anyone who receives such a gift will be able to grow blue spruce, basil, lilac, lavender – more than 20 different options in total. Ecocube will appeal to those who love nature and non-standard gifts.



You have probably seen “living walls” on which real fluffy moss grows. Now you can grow moss yourself: a nice wooden base will fit into the interior or decorate the workplace. Moss does not require maintenance, so it definitely cannot be “killed”. It will appeal to all lovers of unusual gizmos and those who even have a cactus die.



Gift two in one: a stationery set and a set for growing plants. You can write with pencils, and when they run out, just plant the rest in the ground, pour water over it and wait a bit. Very soon you will be pleased with a real alpine meadow (albeit in a mini-format) or fresh Provence herbs.



We, too, always feel sorry for throwing away old calendars: it is not environmentally friendly, and there is a great alternative to paper calendars. The guys from Eyford came up with a perpetual calendar: thanks to a special moving panel with numbers, you can select the desired year (leap or non-leap) and the corresponding month, the name of which is visible in a special window. This is a great gift for friends, family and colleagues.



Cute teaspoons decorated with figurines of various desserts. Moreover, miniature donuts and cakes are so similar to the real ones that you can’t even believe that they are made of polymer clay. Spoons will please office workers and everyone who likes to serve dishes beautifully.



Ecocube BURN is not just a cube for growing a plant. This is a grow kit, a box and an organizer in one set. At first, the Ecocube is used as a pot for a plant, and after its transplantation, it is used as a pen holder or a box for small things. Nice, useful and interesting!


And in Eyford, you can make a logo or any other inscription on gifts for a circulation of 10 pieces. 

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