How to neutralize nitrates in early vegetables

Fatigue from winter monotony affects instantly when you catch your eye a fresh bunch of radishes, young zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes … The hand stretches out, and all the receptors whisper – buy, buy, buy. We all understand that each vegetable has its own time and season, and now there is a high probability of buying early vegetables that are simply stuffed with nitrates. If you don’t have a portable nitrate tester and can’t check for them, follow our tips to keep your spring meals a little safer.

– Peel vegetables as much as possible from spouts, tails and cut off the skin;

– Soak vegetables and lettuce leaves in plain water, 15-20 minutes, change the water a couple of times;

– Completely cut green areas from carrots and potatoes;


– Remove 4-5 top sheets from cabbage and do not use cabbage stumps;

– Do not use green stems for food, only leaves;

– Heat treatment reduces the level of nitrates;

– The acid helps to neutralize nitrate compounds. A little vinegar, lemon juice, sour fruits such as cranberries and apples will help with this;

– When stewing and boiling early vegetables, do not cover the dishes with a lid, but drain the first broth, because it is into it that the nitrates move.

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