Yogic breathing exercises – Pranayama

The first thing we do when we come into this world is to breathe in. The last one is exhalation. Everything else falls somewhere in between, although it seems to be of paramount importance. This key act of human activity is called breathing, which accompanies us throughout our life path. How often do we pause to observe our breath? Did you know that by correcting our breathing, we open the way to natural health, the right to which is given to us from the moment of birth. Strong immunity, a calm and clear mind – this can be achieved by regularly doing breathing practices. There is hardly a person in the world who does not know how to breathe. After all, this process proceeds naturally and constantly, without any effort, right? However, yogic breathing practice allows you to regulate the respiratory flow, remove blocks in (thin energy channels), bringing the body into balance of soul and body. Breathing is our companion in life. A companion that never loses sight of what emotions we experience at any particular moment in time. Remember: experiencing excitement, aggression, irritation, breathing accelerates. With a calm and light mood, breathing is even. The term “pranayama” consists of two words – prana (vital energy) and yama (stop). With the help of Pranayama techniques, the body is filled with a large amount of vital energy, which makes us positive and energetic. Conversely, a low level of prana in the body can cause increased anxiety and stress. Independent study of the respiratory discipline Pranayama is not recommended. According to Ayurveda, depending on the imbalance of the doshas, ​​it is necessary to perform different breathing exercises. 

Here are some examples: 1. Open your nostrils as wide as possible. Breathe in and out quickly with both nostrils as quickly as possible and as many times as possible. 2. Use your middle finger to close the left nostril, inhale and exhale quickly with the right. 3. Close the right nostril, inhale with the left. Then immediately close the left nostril, exhale with the right. Keep alternating.

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