TOP 4 Herbs for Asthmatics

Perhaps one of the most debilitating attacks that can happen to a person is an asthma attack. The fear of suffocation becomes terrifying for a person suffering from such a disease. During an attack, there is a spasm of the airways and the production of mucus, which blocks free breathing. Allergens such as dust, mites, and animal dander trigger asthma. Cold air, infection and even stress are also catalysts for illness. Consider a range of herbal medicines that do not contain synthetic ingredients and therefore have no side effects. German Chamomile (Matricaria recuita) This herb has antihistamine properties that help numb allergic reactions, including an asthma attack. It is recommended to brew chamomile at least twice a day. It is one of the best natural ways to prevent asthma attacks. Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) For centuries, the Chinese have used turmeric to relieve asthma symptoms. This spice has carminative, antibacterial, stimulant and antiseptic properties. Hyssop Studies have shown that hyssop exerts anti-inflammatory properties on lung tissue, thus having potential in the treatment of asthma. Anti-spasmodic properties help ease the pain of seizures. However, do not take hyssop continuously for a long time, as it can be toxic with prolonged use. Licorice Traditionally, licorice has been used to restore breathing and soothe the throat. Studies of licorice components have found that it not only reduces inflammation, but also promotes a response to antigenic stimulation by essential lung cells. All in all, licorice is a powerful herbal remedy for asthma that also avoids the side effects of headaches or hypertension.

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