Fast food that you can eat on a diet

Getting into fast-food restaurants and following a diet, your first reaction is to refuse a snack in pleasant company. We hasten to please you: in any snack bars, you can find a dish that will not spoil your proper nutrition and not exceed the planned number of calories.


Salads are available on any fast food restaurant menu. And even if you are not offered a choice of ingredients and dressing, still a vegetable salad is the best preference for fat nuggets, for example. Try to choose without mayonnaise or ask not to add it to your portion. On average, the calorie content of such a serving will not exceed 150 calories.

Roll with pita bread

The average calorie content of such a roll is 220 calories. Of course, the calorie content of the dish is significantly reduced due to pita bread, which is lighter than ordinary bread. But you should also pay attention to the filling. Choose natural ingredients – boiled meat or fish, vegetables, and avoid mayonnaise dressings.


Sushi-a combination of side dishes, vegetables, and fish. A serving of rolls – up to 150 calories. Plus, such food is still in the fact that you can easily take a snack to work-sushi is convenient to transport and store hermetically.


Pizza is a great meal option. And again, you should only check the ingredients that are included in its composition. First, no mayonnaise. Secondly, thin dough. Third, no fried sausages. Ideally-boiled meat, vegetables, and a little cheese. And not a whole pizza, but a small piece, the calorie content of which will be within 250 calories.


If you want dessert with coffee or tea, you can afford a small cupcake. Choose one that does not have a cream filling and chocolate inclusions: allowed additives – lemon zest or raisins. The calorie content of the cake is within 400 calories, which is less than in ice cream or cream cake.

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