Fight against oncology. The view of the scientific community

Oncology is translated from Greek as “heaviness” or “burden” and is a whole branch of medicine that studies benign and malignant tumors, the nature of their occurrence and development, methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

From a psychological point of view, any tumors (neoplasms, growths) are always something superfluous in the human body. Acting against the life support system as a whole, especially if malignancy is determined, the disease seems to prompt a person to think about the properties of emotions “hidden inside”. The negative energy of emotions, especially fear, plunges the mind of a person into despondency, apathy, and even unwillingness to live. In addition, it significantly inhibits the immune and hormonal systems of the body, which has a very negative effect on the quality of its work. The consequences can awaken malignant cells.

According to the World Health Organization, By 2035, up to 24 million people will develop cancer each year. The World Cancer Research Foundation has said that cancer cases can be reduced by a third if everyone consciously leads a healthy lifestyle. Experts believe that for the prevention of the disease, it is enough to observe only a few vital principles, among which a significant role is given to nutrition and physical activity. At the same time, with regard to nutrition, it is recommended to consume more plant-based products. 

What happens if you oppose cancer with a plant-based diet?

To answer this question, we turn to foreign studies. Dr. Dean Ornish, director of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California, and colleagues have found that the progression of prostate cancer can be halted through a plant-based diet and a healthy lifestyle. The scientists dripped the blood of patients, who mostly eat meat and dairy products and fast foods, onto cancer cells growing in a petri dish. Cancer cell growth was reduced by 9%. But when they took the blood of those who adhere to a plant-based diet, scientists got an amazing effect. This blood slowed down the development of cancer cells by almost 8 times!

Does this mean that plant nutrition provides the body with such colossal strength?

The scientists decided to repeat this study with a fairly common disease among women – breast cancer. They laid a continuous layer of breast cancer cells in a Petri dish and then dripped the blood of women eating the Standard American Diet onto the cells. Exposure showed suppression of the spread of cancer. Then the scientists suggested that the same women switch to plant foods and ordered them to walk for 30 minutes a day. And for two weeks, the women adhered to the prescribed recommendations.

So what did a plant-based diet do in just two weeks against three breast cancer cell lines?

Two weeks later, the scientists took blood from the subjects and dripped it on the cancer cells, and as a result, their blood had the strongest effect, because only a few individual cancer cells remained in Peter’s cup. And this is just two weeks of a healthy lifestyle! Women’s blood has become much more resistant to cancer. This blood has shown the ability to significantly slow down and even stop the growth of cancer cells within just two weeks of following the recommendations.

Thus, scientists determined that one of the reasons for the awakening and growth of cancer cells is malnutrition, the use of harmful products and, above all, a large amount of animal proteins. With such nutrition, the level of a hormone in the human body increases, which directly affects the growth and development of oncology. In addition, with animal proteins, a person receives too much of an amino acid called methionine, which many types of cancer cells feed on.

Professor Max Parkin, specialist in cancer research in the UK at Queen Mary University of London, stated the following: 

And that’s not it. Earlier, the University of Southern California sent out a press release with the catchy headline . It said that eating foods rich in animal proteins, especially in middle age, quadrupled the chances of dying from cancer. This is comparable to the statistics available for smokers.

The latest research from Queen Mary University of London shows that smoking is the biggest cancer risk factor that every smoker could avoid. And only in second place is the diet, of inadequate quality and excessive quantity.

According to studies covering a five-year period from 2007 to 2011, more than 300 thousand cases of cancer from smoking were registered. Another 145 were linked to poor diets and too much processed food in the diet. Obesity contributed to 88 cancer cases, and alcohol contributed to the development of cancer in 62 people.

These figures are too high to sit idle and turn a blind eye to the facts. Of course, no one can awaken each person to responsibility for his own health, except for the person himself. But even one person who maintains his health is the most important indicator that affects the health of the entire nation and all of humanity.

Of course, in addition to mental health, proper nutrition and bad habits, there are such undeniable, most important factors as genetics and ecology. Of course, they affect the health of each of us, and we do not know for sure what can actually be the key moment of the disease. But despite this, perhaps it is worth thinking now and determining for yourself the quality of life that will lead to the suppression of this terrible disease, minimizing the cost of maintaining good health and good spirits.


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