“Dancing Forest” – a phenomenon in Kaliningrad

The Dancing Forest is a truly unique place in the Kaliningrad region, in the Curonian Spit National Park. In order to explain this phenomenon of nature, scientists put forward various hypotheses: environmental, genetic factors, the impact of viruses or pests, the special cosmic energy of the area.

The energy here is really far from normal. Walking through this forest, you can feel as if you are in the world of spirits. Such a strong energy is inherent in this place. The employees of the national park do not believe in its supernatural nature, they see the reason in the geomagnetic field of the area. A similar phenomenon in Denmark – The Troll Forest – is also located on the shores of the Baltic Sea. No one has been able to explain the nature of this phenomenon. The pines of the “Dancing Forest” are bent in strange positions, as if they were dancing. Tree trunks are twisted into rings. There is a belief that if a person makes a wish and passes through the ring, then the wish will come true.                                                         

According to one of the legends, this forest is the border of the confluence of positive and negative energy, and if you pass through the ring on the right side, then life will be extended by one year. There is also a legend that the Prussian prince Barty hunted in these places. While chasing a deer, he heard a beautiful melody. Going towards the sound, the prince saw a young girl playing the lyre. This girl was a Christian. The prince asked her hand and heart, but she said that she would marry only a man of her faith. Barty agreed to accept the Christian religion, if only the girl could prove the power of her God, who is stronger than the trees around. The girl began to play music, the birds fell silent, and the trees began to dance. The prince removed the bracelet from his hand and gave it to his bride. In fact, part of the forest was planted in 1961. Since 2009, access to the “Dancing Forest” has been open, but the trees are protected by a fence.

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