Convection oven

“An improved analogue of the Russian oven … environmentally friendly cooking …” – this is what the airfryer advertisement says. Invented in the 80s of the last century, the airfryer took its rightful place on the shelves of household appliances stores. And although it cannot be said that this is an essential device, but the natural way of cooking, as well as its versatility, have already found their fans not only among housewives, but also among other categories of our citizens.

Airfryer device

The airfryer consists of two parts – upper and lower. The upper part is equipped with a heating element and a fan, as well as a control panel, for high-quality and environmentally friendly preparation of various dishes. The lower part is a glass bowl for preparing food. Glass containers are found in various sizes. In stores you can find bowls from 7 to 17 liters! And there are also very unique specimens, with the ability to adjust the volume of the bowl.

The volume is increased thanks to special expansion rings. Thus, it is possible to increase the height by increasing the volume by 4-10 liters. In addition to specialized glassware, you can use any glassware available in the house. The exception is containers made of wood or plastic.

As for energy consumption, the airfryer will require less electricity to operate than an ordinary kettle or iron. In addition, you can install it on any flat, and most importantly dry surface. If only there was enough wire.


As for the additions to the device, their availability depends on the price category of the device. Cheap devices usually have only three grilles. Expensive devices, in addition to grates, have skewers, roasters, steamers and other novelties of culinary technology.

Functionality of the airfryer

Using the airfryer, you can cook in almost any way: fry without oil, grill, boil, stew, bake, smoke, dry, cook hot sandwiches and toasts, please loved ones with steam cutlets, barbecue, and bake. And this wonderful device can also heat food at a certain time, sterilize preservation, cook jam directly in jars, make yoghurts and raise the dough. True, for the preparation of yoghurts, you will have to purchase models with an electronic control system.

The advantages of an airfryer include the following:

  • No strong odor during cooking, as well as the ability to prevent food from burning.
  • Simultaneous cooking of several dishes.
  • Automatic cleaning of the device.
  • Convenience of transportation.
  • Maximum preservation of vitamins.
  • Lack of harmful radiation.
  • Multifunctionality and volume. One device can serve a family of 4-5 people.

Cooking method

Cooking is based on the principle of convection, that is, the circulation of hot air around the food with its gradual warming up. To prepare meals, you must place the prepared food in a special bowl, set certain cooking parameters and turn on the appliance.

The well-known grilled chicken weighing 1 kg is cooked here in 40 minutes. As for fish, its cooking temperature is 180 degrees, and the time ranges from 18 minutes to half an hour.

But before you turn on the device, you need to take care of fulfilling one more requirement. It is necessary that all products that are cooked in the airfryer retreat from the wall at a distance of at least one and a half centimeters. This is due to the fact that convection of hot air is possible only if there is free access to the food.

Also, the device can be used as a smoking installation. You just need to pour alder sawdust on the bottom of the dish, or pour liquid smoke. In this case, the food is placed on the supplied wire rack.

Useful properties of food cooked in an airfryer

Thanks to the hot and clean air with which the cooking process takes place, the airfryer is included in the list of the healthiest cooking methods.

The airfryer cooks without fat. And this is a big bonus for those who care about their figure, health and attractiveness.

Thanks to the environmental friendliness of the device, people prone to food allergies can enjoy various dishes prepared by this “miracle oven” quite calmly.

It is thanks to all of the above useful properties that the airfryer can take its rightful place in your kitchen.

Dangerous properties of food cooked in an airfryer

As for the harmful properties of the airfryer, they could not be found. The only thing that should be remembered during the preparation of certain dishes is that any product can have its own personal negative characteristics that have nothing to do with the cooking method. Research by scientists confirms that there are no technologies hazardous to health in the design of the airfryer.

Other popular cooking methods:

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