10 fruits – sources of calcium

Fortunately, dairy and meat products are not the only source of calcium. Surprisingly, even fruits can supply enough of this mineral. We offer a choice of ten fruits rich in calcium, since eating the same thing every day will quickly get boring. We alternate tasty and juicy fruits, eat for an afternoon snack or use in desserts.

Oranges and tangerines

43 mg of calcium from the recommended daily intake of 1000 to 2000 mg! Do not forget that these citrus fruits are also loaded with vitamin C, which makes them the highest caste among the fruit kingdom.


Spicy taste and 5mg of calcium per 100g serving. Ideal choice for hikers, cyclists and just as a healthy snack.


Tropical fruit is considered to be the elixir of youth. Kiwi contains 34 mg of calcium per 100 g serving.

Date fruit

Delicious treat and 15mg of calcium per bite.

Dried figs

It is one of the best sources of calcium among fruits. Just think that a glass contains 241 mg of calcium, or 13 mg in each fruit. Thus, one handful of dried figs can solve the problem of getting an adequate amount of calcium.


An interesting fact – in 1947, a New York court ruled that rhubarb is not a vegetable, but a fruit. But despite the identification, a glass of this fruit contains 348 mg of calcium.

prickly pear

Considered not only an exotic delicacy, but also contain 58 mg of calcium in each fruit.


A well-known bowel health product contains up to 75 mg of calcium per glass.


This is not a product that is easy to find in supermarkets. It’s a pity, because it contains up to 55 mg of calcium in 1 glass.


Fragrant fruits with a high content of vitamins A and C are also rich in calcium. A true quintessence of energy.

By increasing the percentage of fruits in the daily diet, you will get all the necessary trace elements and antioxidants. The habit of eating right will keep bones and teeth healthy, and beautiful nails and hair. But a diet rich in fruits is beneficial in all respects.




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